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Armidale with a mix of bikes....

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Toecutter, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Last weekend I attended my third Bushrangers Bash, a rally put on by the Armidale Ulysses Branch, and whilst a great function in its own right, the journey is very much part of the attraction

    Nothing like getting up early, on the bike and into the growing daylight.

    Met Steve (ZRX1200), and Margaret (Guzzi 750 Nevada) from our Branch just before the F3 freeway 6.30am Saturday morning.

    We hit the boring freeway for about 30kms before turning off to Peats Ridge. Yes we were riding a boring road, as the Old Pacific Hwy was meandering alongside….but we had other roads to get to.

    A quick coffee at Jerrys At Kulnura, and if you’re ever riding to Wollombi, try and drop in. Open 7am to 6pm every day, makes a great coffee, various foods available, Premium fuel and well worth a look at the picture board of all the various bikes.

    We leave in drizzle and mist surrounding the road. But this all adds to the Adventure, as we head down the twisties to Wollombi. The run to Wollombi is a favourite for many, but just past Wollombi is a hardly travelled road that leads to Broke. There is a couple of hundred metres of easy gravel, through farms on a road with no line markings. The next 30kms we have the road to ourselves, and enjoy the never-ending curves and scenery.


    Margaret enjoying the uncrowded roads on the Guzzi


    From Broke, we are heading to Branxton to meet up with Ian who's posted here as Pirtek888 (Vulcan 1600), where we ride through many wineries.....we have plenty of time for drinking later.

    Getting fuel at Branxton


    We then head to Gresford and Dungog – whilst a multitude of patches on patches, the road runs along various ridgelines giving great views whilst going up and down in between the hills.

    Whilst the road keeps the suspension working, the twisties keeps the riders focused as we make it into Dungog for morning tea. Had a great coffee and pie at Dungog Bakery – another recommendation.

    From Dungog there is another great road that leads to Bucketts Way. This road is in a bit better condition, and just as much fun :cool:

    Here's Ian carving it up


    I used to think Bucketts Way was a good road – and whilst it is, there is a fair bit of traffic on it – the Branxton loop we’d just done had hardly any traffic, so makes the ride that much more enjoyable when you don’t constantly have to overtake slower vehicles.

    Steve around a nice Buckett's sweeper

    If you can get a good run on Bucketts Way, its heaps of fun, here's some it....

    Fuel in Gloucester and onto my favourite stretch of tarred road – Thunderbolts Way. The first 50kms climb the mountain range with dozens and dozens of corners and also cross a few creeks, so picturesque as well as a mostly good road surface leads to some fun riding. The stop at the top has an unbelievable panorama, and at the moment shows very green countryside.

    Steve not wanting to stop for a look....


    Here's the view if you can imagine them joined



    The next 100kms into Walcha, are open sweepers, again with good wide road surface and we were again lucky to only have a few cars in our way during the 150kms we’d just ridden over what I think is pretty close to motorcycling nirvana


    The road from Walcha to Armidale is what I describe as a “Transport Stageâ€, a necessity to get to the fun

    A good night had by all, and we leave Armidale at 8.30 under threatening skies. Margaret isn’t joining us for the return, but we’ve still got Ian and been joined by two others from the Branch – Rob on a Diversion and Mark on a XJR1300

    Once again the “Transport Stage†takes us to the start of the fun from Walcha. We see plenty of mist up ahead and as well as some drizzle, but the fog we ride through reduces visibility but not as bad as two years ago coming back from the same rally.

    Managed a few pics though....just before the fog




    The run down Thunderbolts in the dry is challenging, with damp roads and a bit of a dusty head (must have been something I ate ;) ) we make it to the bottom and head to Dungog Bakery for some food and coffee.

    Ian - left that spot there for ya so we'd all fit in the picture....

    Mark on a nice bit of road just before Patterson

    Another nice back road is to Maitland via Patterson, the traffic is starting to build from Patterson as is the rain. And so we head back to Sydney.....

    Great weekend, top roads, good friends and a fantastic party make for a fun time

    Here's some of Steve's pics

    A couple of pics of what was called the "Gentlemans Touring Machine"



    Ian on the Cruiser

    Margaret on the Guzzi
  2. Good report toecutter, did patterson, dungog & walcha 2 weekends ago. Great roads.
  3. Good read and pics mate, came down the Oxley on Saturday morning myself doing a loop heading to Nambucca. You have a flair for good pics.
  4. Great write-up.
    The pics are GREAT !!!!!
  5. great pics and report.

    did the
    putty/dungog/glouster/taree/port/walcha/armidale/dorrigo/beligen/port/and highway to hell return a couple of weekends ago.

    some thru great weather, others not so great :grin:

    What was up with the gentlemans tourer from our January ride??? starter jammed or solenoid??

  6. Top marks for the pictures and the ride report, Alex, I must get back up to Thunderbolts myself one day soon, isn't that view incredible?
  7. Top read, thanks Alex! Great pics too.
  8. We rode the same weekend as Tex's ride :wink:

    And new starter motors are not very cheap :cry: