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Armet -Who's a pretty boy then?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by E2W, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. The videos of Netrider members at the open day have started to surface. This one is Armet's.

  2. Pete, I'm gonna move this to the right forum coz you're a helpful geezer, but I don't think you'll be given any more grace though mate. Try to drop your posts somewhere other than General. Cheers
  3. Excellent! Well done. (y)

    That clean workshop has inspired me ... I'm going to attack my desk (sigh, where's a mini-skip when you need one)
  4. Gee Pete, for some strange reason I had you figured for an older bloke!

    Must have been that DN-01 of yours ... :p
  5. OUCH :eek:wned:
  6. hey mate, I was told that when adjusting rear, to do it small amounts on each side progressively, rather than completely do one side and then the other. Any particular benefit from either method?
  7. So long as you go back and check both the tension and the marker on the chain side it should be fine.

    I personally don't trust the markers myself. When I get a "new" bike I do an alignment, then every time I adjust the chain I do so in equal amounts each side. This is a little trickier, however, as you need to be on your toes about which way the adjuster needs to go and the hysteresis in the mechanism.
  8. Haha thanks for the vid. It came out better than I expected. I must have been the lucky first to get it put online.

    By the way my names spelt Ahmet though when pronouncing in English the h sort of becomes r.
  9. Similar to how his name is spelt PETE but is pronounced "Scouse-git" hee hee :)

    (Sorry Pete ;) )
  10. It's been a long time since something on NR has mad me laugh out loud. Well done =D>
  11. This forum is not to be used by business or company owners for spamming or advertising of themselves. Posting with the intention of advertising your business, company, or organisation of a commercial nature is forbidden without the express permission of Netrider. If you are unsure, use this guide, If you derive an income from whatever is advertised in your signature then it is not allowed and it will be removed.

    Found this in the forum rules. First ever post! 2/10/2004. :D
  12. Yeh thanks Mal.
  13. Reality TV!

    Bike's running really well and the new tyres are awesome!