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Arm Signals...Yeah Right!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by DeeCubed, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Yeah Grandad, every time them Camry biatchez cuts me off!

  2. Never, I mean you don’t even do ‘em on your test, right?

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  3. Occasionally if it would aid other road users.

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  1. I give the occasional arm signal. For example this afternoon, I’m turning left from a major to a minor road. There’s a car waiting to turn left out of the minor road and the only thing he’s waiting for is me. I give the arm signal and there’s no “did he leave his indicator on†etc grey area, and he pulls out nicely and everybody makes progress. Anybody else use any arm signals…
    I mean ever
    at all?

  2. I see a lot of people use the middle finger :p
  3. Option one for you then.
  4. I had those tiny clear indicators on my last bike, and even if you're looking for them, you could see them a bit at night, but completely pointless in the day. So if I was in a position where I'd prefer the cars see my signal, I'd put my arm out.

    I only ever do it now if I'm hoping to push into a gap that isn't a gap yet and I'd really like some feedback from the car behind (yes or no) .
  5. ...but that would involve taking one hand off the handlebars. I was led to believe that would cause the world to collapse on itself and millions of puppies and kittens would die. You people make me sick :LOL:

    ...but yes the middle finger works fine for me :)
  6. All the time!

    On my pushy............ :LOL: :LOL:
  7. When I pillion I give the 'hey im here thanks' wave when I split to the front of a queue. This is at my pillion's insistence, she doesn't like to be rude. Fairly silly though because its 'hey im going to push in front of you but I'm going to give a halfass wave to make it all better'. But its probably more polite then not doing it..

    On the rare occasion that I need to change lanes and I'm not able to muscle my way in, I'll use my hand to indicate. etc.
  8. I do, but then I've got a number of bikes that don't have indicators.

    Problem I've found is the sihtbox behind will usually think Im pointing to something interesting on the side of the road and theyll take their eyes off me completely, which can potentially cause havoc...
  9. Yeah - often - even did it when borrowing an R1 recently for a few days. As to why - read the Lucas electrics thread :LOL:
  10. often do switching lanes and always when I have a pillion, it lets them know what I am planning
  11. :LOL:
  12. surprisingly enough, i have used them occaisionalywith goodeffect
  13. I've signaled the driver behind me to move forward to trigger a green arrow.
    Does that count?
  14. on my pushie I will signal when turning right

    But on the bike I will use the indicators and make sure I allow enough time for surrounding cars to notice
  15. I like to make the "look" gesture (fingers pointing to eyes) to drivers who don't, point to my indicators when they fail to use theirs, and make a show of shielding my eyes when they've got poorly adjusted lights/highbeam on/bright driving lights - usually accompanied of course by suitable obscene hand gestures or abuse.
    Just my way of trying to make the roads a better place :grin:.

    When it comes to letting vehicles know what I want to do I doubt even a 60ft billboard with bold, clearly legible lettering stating "this bike wants to turn right" would make any difference with some muppets they let behind the wheel.
  16. I do the courtesy wave....

    "Thanks for not being a jerk, and letting me in!"

    "Oh shit, sorry I pushed in"

    "Thanks for moving across to let me split past you!"
  17. I was surprised to see that, to date, around half of the voting is for “occasionally if it would aid other road usersâ€, and a lot of these seem to be ‘unofficial’ but perfectly understandable signals. :)

    I spoke to a WA bike instructor over the weekend. He tells me that he normally doesn’t teach arm signals and the test doesn’t require ‘em, even though it’s in the WA Drive Safe book. He did have a case recently when he taught them to two blokes with 1960s Vespas with no indicators. :cool:

    According to WA Drive Safe, the‘official’ left turn signal is the same as the stopping/slowing signal, but ‘cos the signals are not taught on the car test, and the signal is actually on the right hand side anyway, when the Instructor's students give the signal no one knows WTF is going on! Weird eh…go figger :shock: :?