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Arm outside car window

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Sicarius, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys, just a quick thought - was in a mates car last week, as a passanger, and saw something flicking around underneath the windscreen wiper - on my side. Reached out and grabbed it -still had seat belt on and was inside of the wing mirror. My shoulder was at the window sill. Whole thing took about 3 seconds

    Hwy patrol pulled us over, in an obvious bad mood, and fined me for having part of my body outside of the vehicle. $250 FINE!!! -

    Opinions -is it worth contesting it or should i just pony up the dosh and forget it?

    If any Police officers are on the forum and would care to comment, your advice would be greatly appreciated

    Cheers Guys
  2. Its an offence, they copped you sweet. Pay it.
  3. Pretty much what tramp said. On what grounds would you be planning on contesting it? Good luck either way with your decision.
  4. That's the stupidest shit I've heard today, and I hear a lot of stupid shit on any given day. Sounds like Captain Pork needs to get laid, and whoever the idiot is that proposed and passed that law should be kicked in the ass and used as a snowshoe.

    From what you're saying, it sounds like I should be able to get a ticket for hanging my arm out and enjoying the breeze when I drive. Stupid nanny government BS, I officially wish cancer upon them and their families.
  5. It sounds a bit idiotic. Anyone would do the same. You could argue that it was safer not to have distractions flapping around you. I don't know whether it is worth contesting, but it doesn't sound like a very reasonable fine either (if it really happened that way).

  6. ..and what about all the goons who hang their arms out the window when they are driving!!.... I don't see any of them copping a fine!! (IMHO they look darn silly!!) :p
  7. They look even sillier mid way through summer when one arm is burnt to buggery and the other isn't.

    Good luck with the fine mate... But I can't think of any grounds on which you can contest it.
  8. I believe that this is the sort of behavior the legistation is passed against. I saw a great video a few years ago of Douche Mcdouche hanging his arm out of the car window, as the car is doing circle work. Naturally, the numbnuts driving manages to roll it; the last you see of the arm is getting wedged in between the door and the ground.

    The law makes sense, you just got pinged by an "Interpretor" of the law. Next time, pull over.
  9. Thanks guys, Tramp is probly right - they do say it is an offence to have a body part outside window - but a bit of discretion with it wouldnt have been misplaced. The cost of going to court for it would probly be a lot more the $250 so ill probly just pay it.

    However i must make mention of the below post
    I wish to have no part of that what so ever - i have friends who are police officers, and i understand that they have a job to do. I find it offensive that someone would ever consider to say such a thing. I think you should take a good hard look at yourself grue.

    Just wanted to make it clear that even though i am annoyed at the ticket, doesnt mean that i have anything against the policeman who issued it (even though he was a bit of a cranky ass) and would never wish anything bad upon him
  10. I'm quite suprised that everyone doesn't know this is illegal.

    That said I've always been of the opinion it's an arsehole cop that would book someone for having their arm on the window sill.
  11. You could possibly argue a safety issue - that it was distracting, but the obvious reply would be why didnt you pull over and do it safely?

    Officer in question sounds like he cant comprehend the advantage of police being disgression. If they can't use disgression the top brass might as well employ robots to do the job for them rather than people.
  12. Tell you what.
    You come and tell that to the ambos / CFA etc who had to cut the local idiot out of his car up here after he had rolled it.
    He also had his arm outside the car when he did so.
    He now has one arm.
    I'm told it wasn't pretty.
    Now thats stupid.
  13. Oh god forbid, the ambos had to do their job, and now an idiot has to live with the consequences of his decision.

    My sympathy bucket is empty.
  14. +1 Ibast, the laws need to be clear cut, so they can't be shot to pieces when it counts that they need to stick... Shame the copper wad just being an black and white arsehole. (Assuming you were being polite and non-derro about it). Shit of a reason to get stung though. :(
  15. My hatred is more aimed at the nanny state legislators than the cops, but I have nothing but disdain for cops on power trips.

    Was anyone's life in danger besides yours? No.
    Was anyone's liberty being impinged upon? Not until you were given the ticket.
    Was anyone's property in danger? Not likely.

    These sort of tickets (indeed ALL tickets) are nothing short of aggression by the state against the citizenry. There is no reason the government should be able to take your hard-earned money by force for doing something with your own body that they do not like. That cop COULD have been a civil human being and said "Hey, that's dangerous and you can get a ticket. Don't do it anymore", but he CHOSE to be a twat.

  16. I wasn't honestly aware that the government had their heads so far up their asses to put an actual law on the books regarding it. Then again, this is the government that now requires people on those little push scooters to wear helmets now, too.
  17. arms/bodyparts out of car windows have been law for many many many years/decades, to blame the current government is just stupid
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