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Arlen's 1st big bike, k7 GSXR600

  1. arlennnn submitted a new showcase item:

    Arlen's 1st big bike, k7 GSXR600

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  2. Sweet as! Congrats.

    I've always liked the gixxers and yours is looking good.
  3. I'm wondering what changing up from a gs500 will be like. On the Eatern Freeway today, it was purring at 100kmh doing 5000rpm. Even let an L through as I was holding him up between lanes -I am very cautious between lanes - appreciated friendly wave. I love my 500 - but want MORE soon!
  4. Thanks! I surprisingly never use to like the look of gixxers, but that slowly turned to accepting them, then to absolutely loving them!

    Idk what the gs500 feels like, but this compared to the ninja 250 is amazing. It's so easy to ride, so smooth with the power delivery. I rode through peak hour today, and while I was too nervous to split on a new bike going through start and stop was actually not too bad.

    The great thing about it is even at 100km/h in 6th gear, twist the throttle and there's still so much there.
  5. Good onya mate... what an awesome looking bike (y) I was the same with the Ninjas.. not too keen on the look of em, but when I saw the 300, then actually sat on one.. it just felt 100% right! :)

    Have fun!
  6. My upgrade was from a 2009 GS500 to a 2011 GSXR 600.
    Forget about the 100cc difference. Where the numbers really matter is horsepower.
    The GS500 is approx 48hp
    The GSXR 600 is approx 108hp
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  7. nice ride :cool: