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Arlen Ness S & S ??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ricardo68, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. http://www.ficeda.com.au/riding-gear/leather-jackets/arlen-ness-s-s-jacket-14.html

    This jacket looks like a pretty good deal for $600, kangaroo leather and what not ... Except I can't find it anywhere.

    Has anyone seen this jacket in the flesh? I'm thinking of contacting a shop to get them to get one in but don't want to dick them around ...

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    Yes but no one seems to carry them. I called the distributor who would not sell direct (fair enough) or let me pop in to try on so I could then order through my local shop. They also didn't have a record of the store which might have it to check out.

    I went through the Sydney city and Parra stores but no luck. Action, Bikebiz or MCAS. Bikebiz have it listed on their website but not in store and no on behind the counter had heard of Arlen Ness.
  3. So long story short, I don't want buy sight unseen so if anyone knows about the jacket or has spotted this rare beast please let me know!!
  4. Oh well I ordered it so I'll do a review
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  5. I just bought one as my first jacket. Picked it up for $477.00. I'm just wearing it in at the moment. I'm really new so I probably can't do a proper review but I like the feel of it.
  6. Picked it up today, wow. So light and soft compared to my old Astar and even in today's 35 degree heat it breathed well. No back protector or slot for an integrated one so have to use a seperate one. Impressed!
  7. What's the go with the back protector - has one listed in the specs.
  8. It's just a hump, so unless they think that's a back protector ...
  9. No, it lists a back protector and a race hump. Probably a thin foam thing sewn in.
    Good jacket but.
  10. Update,

    Just a quick rundown of the jacket and its features. The description in the link is misleading in a couple of places:

    Kangaroo Leather
    Probably but how would I know? It's soft, thin and light though :)
    Cow Leather
    Kevlar stretch panels
    Race collar
    CE protectors at elbow and shoulder
    Magnesium external protectors at shoulder and elbow
    Shoulder Yes, Elbow No
    Back protector
    Race hump
    Super Airtech lining with fire retardant finish
    Yes there's a lining but flame retardant? How would I know?
    Zipped pockets
    Waist adjusters

    I've gotta say I'm thrilled with the jacket especially for the price. The distributor's pretty poor to advertise a back protector and magnesium elbow protectors when they're just not there!
  11. Hi Ricardo,

    I'm interested in the jacket as well. Do you mind posting up an update seeing that you've had it for 3 weeks?

    Do you recommend it or should I look at other jackets?

  12. Yeh it's great, very happy with the purchase :) If you're in between sizes get the bigger one. Basically one size larger than alpinestars
  13. Thanks heaps for the advice.