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Arise, Sir Terry

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Sep 20, 2010.

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  2. oh good on him! wicked story about the sword :D
  3. I had the privilege of meeting the man when I was in Melbourne some years ago, I bought his (then) latest book and had him sign it as a gift for my Discworld-mad son. He is a charming while daffy English gentleman :).
  4. i love him to bits :) i too am slightly discworld-mad
  5. I'd prefer for him to be cured :(.
  6. +1 to that. Although he's coping pretty well with the Alzheimers so far.
  7. There is a very poignant funeral scene in his latest book (as of a couple of weeks ago). I suspect it's been on his mind a bit.

    Good on him for the Knighthood though. He really is a fabulous story-teller, with a keen eye for the human condition. He's also the only author whose books I buy as soon as they arrive on the shelves.
  8. I thought he was awarded this some time ago, good to hear they've finally come through for him.
  9. Yes, he was knighted last year. This article is about him making himself a sword.
  10. An impressive feat.
    Digging and lugging ore?
    Smelting it?
    Shaping it and tempering it appropriately?
    Wrapping it?

    Even with all the assistance he clearly had from people with training, that is NOT a simple undertaking.