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arguably most exotic sportsbike ever made and I bought one!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Respi, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Riders,

    I’ve been on the hunt for arguably the most exotic sports bike ever made for some time. A lot of you may say that what I’m doing is wrong and that the bike is too powerful etc. Seriously, who cares if the last bike I rode was 10 years ago!! Just accept my mind is made up and your warnings will only fall on deaf ears!

    Anyways, In order for me to compliment my ride I thought I’d go 'all out' with my Protective Gear selection – come to think of it, nothing I purchased didn’t have airbags! Even though none of you have met me, but my presence on the road will be unforgettable, this I assure you!

    Seriously, when you see me riding this monstrosity with my full leathers and other gear that screams “hey, look at me†you’ll say to yourself “That’s bloody Respi!â€

    Anyways, here is what I got, so suffer in your jocks and keep your jealousy levels to an absolute minimum please.


    P.S Please ensure you engage your sarcasm switch before posting!

  2. Nice, they really start moving once you shift into 5th :LOL:
  3. i used to ride a honda 90 step through on my fathers farm when i was about 6 before i updated to a Yamaha PW80. I advise you to get yourself a full set of race leathers, some boots and a full faced helmet with a dark tinted visor so no one will know its you riding it.

  4. Just take it easy on the throttle bud and everything will be fine. Maybe practice taking off in second gear for a while till you get used to the wild power delivery of those buggers.
  5. i think i might get one of those as a second bike when i upgrade from my 250.

    Just the ticket for going to the local shops on the whiff of an oily rag ... running costs approximately nil.
  6. mate another bloody learner on the roads with a bike that is too powerful and flashy! have fun with your ponce latte mates down at the local cafe while you gush over your poncy fancy RED motorbikes. Why can't you go out and get something sensible like a Honda CBR600, jeez people today :roll:
  7. Sweet!! What bling are you gonna get for it? Bet it would go even better with a yoshi pipe... sticker on it!! :LOL:
  8. woohoo. go respi. look out casey :wink:
  9. when Buell said their bikes could lean over the tightest angles, they were blatandly LYING!!
    I've see these things so low... so low infact I think one of the pedals snaped off and the chain scraping so hard it ripped off the bugger..
  10. it's good to see MOST of you respecting my decision with my bike choice.

    For the others, learn to deal with being outclassed... aiiiiight!!!
  11. Mate, they're still capable of being crashed.
    Been there, done that :oops:
  12. Do you have any picture evidence to substantiate such an outrageous claim?

    p.s ;0)
  13. How you going to NOT get burnt legs or leathers when riding that thing :LOL:
  14. Guy I know who rides a CBR600 was getting one of these ready for his girlfriend who was getting her learners. He took it for a test run, came off and broke his leg :rofl: So take care!!!

    And yes I'm serious!
  15. I thought you said it was a sports bike?? Those tyres looke like knobbies.

    I think you have yourself one very wicked off roader my friend!!
  16. It was a CT90 and I was something like 8 so no pix, but I have crashed better bikes since then :LOL: :LOL:

  17. ahahaha
  18. should fly like the wind without all that mail to weigh it down :grin:
  19. Exotic.... hmmmm... nope, the most sold bike in the universe.

    Sports... hmmm, well, in the nursing home mobility scooter race....

    Bike... hmmm... well it does have two wheels and an engine...

    So I'm not sure... if it fits the bill... but it'll do.

    There's a great posty challenge every year... start training!

    Good luck.

    And with a sarcasm gene like yours, you're bound to fit in :grin: