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Argh, which naked?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by saba, May 13, 2008.

  1. BMW K1200R

  2. Suzuki B-King

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  3. Triumph Speed Triple

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  4. Buell Lightning XB12Ss

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  1. Hi.

    I'm agonising over what bike to go for once my restriction expires, and I'm spoilt for choice. All the above bikes have their pro's and con's, but they all tug my heart strings in the right way: Amazing engines, ubscene aggressive looks, grin factor...

    I'm a big guy: 6'6 or 197cm, 100kg.

    Price is no option.

    What would you go for. Why?
  2. All really nice bikes. My own choice would come down to the Suzuki and the Triumph, but that's more on looks/taste and familiarity grounds than anything really substantive.
  3. Oh, btw, I've heard that really tall people struggle for legroom on the B-King, so definitely make sure to sit on and ride one before making a decision.
  4. Heheh. Yeah, my ankles 'locked' when I hunkered in under the B-king's fairings (I wouldn't call it a naked bike, personally - it's virtually fully-faired because of its weird fueltank thingy). Couldn't operate the foot controls reliably.

    (6'4, 87kg)

    Speed Triple would be my choice, though it's tiny beneath me.

    Best to sit on them all, I guess. And/or testride.
  5. A bloody Tuono you goose! :p

    How could you leave that out of the poll??? For a bloke your size you'd find it a good fit. Aprilias weren't made for shortarses (but I make do :grin: ) and it'll pull you weight around plus a pillion with no dramas..except all the monos.

    Other than that a Speed Triple would be a hoot or the B-King which would be like angry, angry, sex with an ample lady with an hourglass figure dressed in leather. Not that I give it much thought mind you.
  6. ^^^^^ You beat me to it Jake.

    Go the Tuono.

    :LOL: :LOL: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
  7. Germans are on the taller side... :wink:
  8. Not this one mate :cry: . But tell me where you live and I will invade your beer fridge.
  9. Tuono. Maybe the Superduke.

    Nah, Tuono. Factory if you've got the dough.
  10. Another fun option...as long as you like ripping your own arms off.. :LOL:
    Naked Black Muscle

    Cheers Rogues
  11. I don't like it one bit. I find it ugly (and not in a so-ugly-its-beautiful-way like the K1200R).

    I don't particularly find the muscle-bikes appealing either (although I certainly give it the nod it deserves :)).
  12. There really is no accounting for taste....:p
  13. KTM super duke.

    You'll never get the grin off your face once you ride one!

    (and unlike the Tuono's which are great when you're riding them it won't make you cringe when you get off and have to look at it) :p
  14. One would have to be very kinky to make a case that the SD is better looking than the Tuono...Strange people!
  15. theyre all soo cool.....

    i love em all but voted the trumpy cause its the bike I would most likeley buy.

    love the buell's but not sure about longevity and lover the beamer but too pricey for me...even though its not for u
  16. The Tuono looks like someone crashed an RS1000R and then did a street fighter conversion on it because they were too tight to have comprehensive insurance in the first place.

    Not having the money for proper repairs is *why* street fighters started getting made in the first place.

    And yes yes... I know there's a whole culture built up around it now... but they still look like crashed and dodgy brothers repaired bikes to me :)
  17. I know! That's the whole point of the Tuono, both Gen1 and Gen2 (AKA as Tuoldo and Tuono).

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and mine are passionately attached to my bike. But the SD attractive? It's so ugly it's good is what springs to mind for me.
  18. Voted K1200R, but what about one of these

    Not a fan of the mirrors, but rest of the bike looks :cool:

  19. K1200R! You gotta take one for a test ride.

    It's one crazy beast and the only BMW that I would consider buying [if I were held at gunpoint to buy a 4 cylinder bike].
  20. K1200R: I can't imagine this huge lump being a whole lot of fun. Yes, there's nearly 160 horsepower, but the wheelbase is so big and the whole damn thing looks so front-heavy that hewligan antics will be out. Does receive bonus points for weird and reportedly very effective front-end. This is not the mental beemer you're looking for, consider it a gentleman's express. Probably the better pillion/touring bike of the lot.

    B-King: Again with the hugeness but this time with the power to back it up. If you're a big bloke and you fit this one, it might be worth looking at. I'm told they're good fun. If power is top of your priority list, there can be only one... And it has room for a turbo.

    Speed Triple: Now you're talking, pure distilled naughtiness. The smoothness of a four with the grunt of a twin and the unique whistle/snarl of a triple. Short wheelbase makes for quick turns and lots and lots of wheelie fun. They also stoppie with one finger if applied firmly. Forget pillions unless they're size zero, very flexible and amenable to having their arse burned off by the dual underseats.

    Buell ZX12S: There is so much right about this bike that its one essential piece of wrongness is almost possible to overlook. The inventive mass centralisation, underslung zorst, fuel in frame, oil in swingarm, rim mounted single disc and belt drive are all excellent by most accounts (some prefer a chain) - the handling is second to none (well, second to very little) and wheelie/stoppie action is only a twist or a tweak away. At the same time, you'd better be very good at your wheelies, because if you don't bring them to balance point damn skippy you're going to splat them down fast when that chuggy-arse lump of an engine runs out of revs in about 25 metres. There's power alright, but it's Harley power, full of noise and fury but signifying little more than 100hp. Then again, 100 horses is about right for the road if you ask me... The gearboxes are woeful and you don't hear a lot of people praising their reliability. Still, it has character to burn and if you can live with last century's engine, the rest of the bike is truly, deeply unique and outstanding. Again, pillions will have to be very compact and fold for easy storage.

    Might be worth your while testing the Superduke and Tuono as well, they both have well-specced suspension, frames, brakes and great handling. And even if the SD runs out of petrol by the end of the driveway, you'll have a lot of fun in that driveway. It may end up being an issue of whether you like a revvy twin, which is something I'm still trying to work out too.

    Either way, you're going to end up with one f*ck of a bike, so don't cheat yourself out of a bunch of test rides!