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Argh! Crappy Mirrors!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jho, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. Hi guys.. I dunno if its just me or wat, but after having a decent time to take my CBR 600 f4i for a ride, I've come to the conclusion that my mirrors SUCK!. no matter how much I've tried to position them I find it extemely difficult to see directly behind me as my elbows are in the direct line of sight. Does anyone else have problems like this? and if so what have they done to fix it? I've done some browing on some other forums, and some have suggested a mirror extension such as from rrmotorsport.com (dun even know if these guys still do em or wat as their site is pretty crap). Has anyone here tried these?...

  2. same problem with my zzr, but i find if i pull my arms in towards my torso i can do a mirror check and see behind me, then return my arms to their normal position, have you tried that?
  3. It IS a problem with sports bikes, complicated by the riding position, I guess. Have a search through the forum for keywords like rear-vision, rear view helmets, etc, it has been discussed a lot.
  4. yep do the same as slyfox.... remember the wider you make the mirrors the more room you need for lane splitting... guess it depends on the person though
  5. Yep Sly, thats what I had to do basically.. but I looked like an idiot flappin my arms about keeping an eye be hind me :) haha! .. surely they' must have some sort of "usefull design engineering" that goes into these bikes! ..
  6. gotta remember alot of these sportsbikes are jap built and generally japanese people are smaller built people compared to westerner's
  7. Hey there jho!

    I've had the same problem on my Triumph ... nothing but elbows. Sure i can shift my stance and have a peak behind, but i just don't see those tailgaters sneak up behind me until i decide to do a check and almost crap myself when i wonder "where the hell did you come from??".

    I've gotten rid of the mirrors and put on some "bar end mirrors" ... perfect! You could investigate to see if some suit your CBR? Mine actually fold back if i need to lane split, which is kinda cool :eek:)

    These are the ones i got:


    Couldn't find em in Melbourne, so had to order them in.
  8. Skuffy's got 'em on his Suzuki, see where he got his.....
  9. Youv'e just got to ride faster. That way it doesn't matter whats going on behind.


    Me I get my shoulders in my mirrors.

    I think they're all crap. The only way to get them in a decent position would be on the end of the handle bar, like a cafe racer.

    either that, or stick a camera up our arse, with the display on the dash.

  10. I may not be a Japanese but I've got similar build to them and I find trouble with my mirrors. It makes a great excuse for me to swerve my bike side to side :p :p :twisted:

    I've seen people also get small convex(or concave?) mirrors and stick them on the end of mirror. It does make things smaller, but at least you can see more.
  11. what are you talking about minna, when your on your bike we almost can't see you :wink:
  12. That's cause I'm a tiny speck way out in front of you stewy :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. yeah the other thing I found was from http://www.magicalracing.co.jp/GateE.html

    dunno how hard it would be to source some of these over here..
  14. Well I'm of asian background, but I'm more the opposite, being 179cm and 85kgs. hence having to get a decently sized bike so that I don't look like some oversized behemoth hoonin around on a little pocket bike :).. And adding the extra bulk of my jacket means I really gotta suck my elbows in and move around to see behind me..

    I'm thinking maybe a combination of the mirror extensions and the "convex" style stick on mirrors might be my best option.. i just think the bar end mirrors might look a bit wierd on a sports bike?..
  15. ok fine i take back my perivous statement :oops:
  16. I'm a bit worried it's called the RAM mount and has all thos knobby fittings to mount it
  17. Why'd you think I call people behind me sheep? :LOL: