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Argh! Ch.7 News (Melbourne)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by [FLUX], Aug 13, 2006.

  1. Just a grumble about more speed-kills brain-washing on Ch.7.

    Two stories on tonight about road safety.

    First was emblazoned with "Speed Kills", but was really a story about the installation of about 30 extra red-light cameras around the city, with the tagline of "If you speed through intersections, expect to get caught". In fact the whole story kept mentioning speed about 20 times as the cause of the intersection accidents, when really it is simply failure to give way correctly.

    Second up was a "Flashback" story about the introduction of Random Breath Testing in 1976. This was a reasonably balanced story, until the end. They showed a graph with the declining road toll from around 1100 deaths in Victoria per year to around the present 400-450, which incidentally has flatlined since the mid 90's. Yep, you guessed it. The voice-over attributed the great decline in deaths to RBT, as well as speed cameras. Thing is that they didn't point out that speed cameras were introduced in the mid-90's, exactly at the time when the road toll rate started to flat-line.

    Talk about brain-washing.
  2. Given that the Victorian government is paying Ch 7 good money for them to say speed cameras are good, you can hardly expect them to tell the truth instead. ;)

    The only way to get the truth on telly is if we out bid the government. Unfortunately I don't have near enough speed cameras to raise the revenue that would require. :?
  3. 95 intersection deaths in Vic last year, aprox 20-25% of the road toll, that is outragous and deserves addressing.
  4. i'm suprised they managed to fit a local story in, channel seven news is normally full of bullshit stories from the USA, the latest bushfire/flood/anti obesity campaign/medical breakthrough covered by CNN and purchased by 7 for an attractive price. utterly crap news coverage, the only thing going for it is rebecca madden.
  5. I wholly agree, it does need to be addressed. The issue is not speed though, it is failure to give way.

    If we expect to educate the public to take caution at intersections, we don't tell them that the root cause of the problem is something other than the real cause.
  6. I think Bracksy's way of thinking is that by reducing the speed the stacks might not kill people. He'll just keep dropping the speed limit until we're all driving round at 5kph happily crashing into each other in total safety. :)

    It is afterall, much easier to fine people than educate them. :wink:

    *Seany is unsure if he should laugh or cry at this point*
  7. I came away from it under the impression that they were red light cameras, that also register vehicle speed?

    Makes sense to me.