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Aren't mums awesome... (bikes are too)

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by thermal, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. So, after reading a few comments from different people about buying your first bike and getting it home - I decided that I would ride mine home from the shop.

    Now, a little bit of background; my mother used to ride many years ago. Ok, background done.

    She offered to drive me out and follow me home. The day before, I was talking to her about it, I started thinking out loud planning the route I would use to get home. For the Victorians, I needed to get from Nepean Hwy in Brighton, back to Prahran. When mum heard me talking about going back towards Jasper Rd and finding ~60kph roads, she basically said HTFU - go the Nepean Hwy.

    Anyway, some unexpected wet weather riding along an 80kph hwy, some changes of route* (I just didn't have the balls to change across 4 lanes at 80k's in the wet), big unavoidable puddles (easily submerged my tyres to the rim), wet tram tracks and some shameful sitting in traffic - I finally made it home with I think only one stall and one false neutral. I also wondered why people kept beeping at me, until the third time I realised it was my thumb while I was searching for the indicator.

    And for the bit you've all been waiting for, I bought a very nice matte black '06 VTR250. I might add more pics later, but here's one for now.


    *I will add one important note for anyone who chooses to ride their first bike home - don't stress out about your route once you're riding. If you don't feel safe enough to make *that* turn, just keep riding and turn later. I just kept relaxed (as best I could haha), I knew I'd make it eventually - and it meant I didn't do anything potentially dangerous.

  2. :eek: My New Ride - Aren't mums awesome, bad word choice lol.
    First rides are always a bit freaky. My dad rode mine home as I didn't have my licence yet.
  3. Haha, consider yourself lucky!

    When I brought my first bike home, the plan was to park it in the driveway and then simply wait for someone in the house to curiously ask who the bike belonged to (my mum is extremely anti-bikes, so no one in my house knew of my biking ambitions).

    As fate would have it, my mum pulled up to the house just as I was pulling into the driveway, so naturally she exploded. :facepalm:

    So be thankful that your mum is supportive!

    Beautiful bike by the way, we must have similar tastes! :) Here's me riding my Monster home for the first time (photo courtesy of the mate who drove me out to collect it):


    I think I got better weather for my initial ride home though!
  4. Hahah, you have a point there... eww. And my mum started to get agitated with my circles around the block, she told me when we got home that she was about to tell me to get off and she'd ride it home (she hasn't ridden in 30+ years...)

    Yeah, I do consider myself lucky - it was her that really got me thinking about it all in the first place. Now she's just jealous! And I think if I had the choice, I would take rain over blinding sun - but that does look like some nice weather right there.
  5. Nice bike mate!

    Good on ya for having the balls to ride the thing home.

    I was way too soft and got the dealer to deliver my GS500F - I wish now I'd had the courage to ride it myself as riding it out of the dealer's parking area on my first ride is something I'll never experience now.

    And your mum sounds very cool. (y)

    Great story.

    Fun Ha!
  6. Im 40 got the first bike my mum visited my place saw the bike freaked out and start slapping me around -- thats effniks for ya
  7. Is the bike from bikes and bits, or one of the neighbouring stores?
  8. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: =D> =D> =D>
  9. Nice ride :) I quite like the VTR's and matt often looks great doesn't it?

    Had to laugh at the beeping your own horn thing, lol. Enjoy :)

    Hopefully I will be getting mine next week (cbr125r) but as per gsxrjames, my stepdad will also be riding mine home cause i have no licence as yet.
  10. Hey Thermal, nice work on getting home and navigating your way in the rain. I was talking to your sis' yesterday and asked if you had your new beast yet. Very nice bike mate and it should serve you well. Look forward to seeing it and catching up for a ride.
  11. Riding home with no jacket and runners on your first ride.............VERY game.
    I guess you must ride around in just socks now since you have more experience:shock:
  12. VERY nice looking VTR you've got there mate. Best colour scheme there is!
    How much did it set you back?
  13. Congratulations - nice to hear a positive story about motorcycling and mothers. All too often they are more like motolegions (but less violent)... :)
  14. I got pretty lucky on the price, was $4800 on road with 12 months rego.

    And yeah, my dad is the one who's unimpressed - he went very quiet when I told him I came off the other day. Oh well, I could live in a bubble and not do anything potentially dangerous - but that would be pretty damn boring.
  15. OH Yeah!

    • "If you come home with a tattoo, I'll scrub it out with turps";
    • "If you bring a motorbike home, I'll put an axe through the tank"

    I moved 2 states away to do both.

    Mum just wants to know you gonna be safe - mine still does and I'm almost 40 =D>
  16. I got lucky with my parents, thankfully my dad isn't the threatening type - more the air of disapproval (which is bad too, but less stressful).

    Though neither of them are fond of tattoos, but that one isn't far off either. :p
  17. Just remember you can't trade that sh1t in if you don't like it after a cuppla months...
  18. Yeah I know, but I've had the idea for at least 2 years. :p
  19. Hehe - I've said enough on the matter. [-(

    Mums truly are awesome, you're right; look after yours because she sounds like a cracker!
  20. I love my mum :D

    Actually, I am very lucky. My parents were totally cool about it (maybe has something to do with dad riding, although rarely recently). My dad even helped me look for a bike, and my mum thinks its very cool :D ha!

    My uncle rode it from the bloke i bought it from to grandparents, and my dad rode the bike home (from Sydney, at 5am, 100km F3, nice weather).