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Are you tired in the mornings? Don't like coffee? Try this!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by grue, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. On your commute, find a small gap in traffic that you can exploit to get out of the pack and clear road in front of you. Make sure you're only a couple blocks from home, and it's lightly raining.

    Activate your signal, double-check to make sure it's a clean pass opportunity, and Twist Thy Wrist. Enjoy the feeling of your cold rear tire saying "Traction is for pussies" and spinning like a crazed DJ as you enter the gap, and treasure forever the sensation of your bike's tail end sliding wildly to the outside. In this clearly calm and placid time, take a moment to reflect on life, and if you get a spare brain cycle or two, do consider that chopping the throttle right now will likely mean you're going to be late for work, especially if the SUV that you're currently sideways in front of can't stop in time, and she's probably having breakfast or doing her hair, so she's not even aware of what's going on.

    Snap back to the moment, and try to relax while you get your weight as close to the bike as you can and try to smoothly get things back in order, with the bike's nose pointed in the direction of movement, and the tail where it should be. Hark! The moment has come, the bike has found her traction and is now attempting to throw you over the top. Never stop fighting. Get your weight low and to the inside, and be ready! Here it comes, you held on through the worst of it, and now you've gotta survive the tankslapper. Get back on the throttle to unweight the front and RELAX.

    Phew. Now you're where you wanted to be in the first place: the other side of the gap, with clear road in front of you.

    Not so tired now, are you?
  2. hahahahhahahaha!!! love it! excellent write up :D

    that's happened to me once before and i sure didn't need to be told twice that i was awake and alert and "WTH I'M HERE OKAY!?!?! WHAT IS HAPPENING!?".

    yesterday, i was extra super tired after a long week, and heading along epping road at some very happy speeds, all the traffic behind me, coming to the set of traffics lights at epping boys school and see some traffic way ahead, so i just continue along and keep in mind i'll have to slow down shortly...

    but NO! ARGH! the traffic isn't 300 metres away! it's 50 metres!?!? WTH!?!?!?

    i had to swerve and slow down in the right hand turning lane and ended up JUST getting to the same speed as the other traffic while directly next to the last car... oops! i would have slammed into the back of him!

    i really should have had that red bull prior to leaving work at 9:30 last night.
  3. I'll be sure to try this next time its cold and raining at 6am, sounds like a great start to the day!
  4. Haha...nice post.
  5. be careful with red bull. Once or twice I had the crash come when I was halfway home. Not fun.
  6. Epic post!!
  7. Grue - nice !!! Good bike control (if control is the word), better writing !
  8. damn :(
  9. Creative writing at its finest
  10. Thank you soooo much for this. Needed something like this after my car dying, forcing me to ride in the rain.

    I love coffee but, damn!
  11. Sounds like a standard morning commute in the wet...
  12. i remember following a dude on one of them srad gsxr's the awesome looking ones

    it was pouring rain and he was spinning the tyre @ about 110km/h and accelerating for 2-300m, dude was insane!

    when i had the M109R that break out pretty easy in damp conditions, whats scarier is my vespa also wheel spins LOL and yes its scarier than the m109 as the crappy tyres cant take any throttle input when leaning it at any angle, so its taily on every bend, but only below 60km/h above that it hasn't got the guts to spin the tyre, crazy thing is im well over 100kg, if i was skinny it'd be LOL
  13. i tried the pick a fight with an outlaw bikie...

    on my way home from work on Thursday coming down Milton Rd where the traffic is stopped at the lights near Baroona St. The end of the cue is 2 trucks and they started to get really close to one and other, so i backed off and didnt filter.

    next thing i hear is a bikie on his fatboy yelling and screaming at me for not going...

    so that started me off... listen up fagot you got no buddys or bullets ill f*cking take ya (and it went on i wont post as its offensive) next thing i know he took off and tried to filter between the 2 trucks almost got flattened when they come together.
  14. Sure ya did.
    Sure he did.

    Bikie as in OMCG or "bikie" as in a kid on a BMX ? :LOL:
  15. i'm going for kid on BMX. bikies don't filter!
  16. I accelerated away from a servo one time, wet road, moderate traffic, nothing unusual, done it before, nothing too heavy in the wrist department... But I rode over a loose gravel repair while accelerating which caused the rear to lose traction & spin up within milliseconds. Now all of sudden a spinning wheel lands back on the wet bitumen with the engine making near 100horses & bike speed <40kmh ...that woke me up in a jiffy. Felt like a bucking bronco for a moment.

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'