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Are you talkin' to me?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Katbird, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. Here we go. This thread is for all of those who want to biatch and complain towards others actions. Keep threads to what they are meant to be I say.

    This thread will probably be taken off, but it has helped me to vent my frustration with the bickering. A healthy debate is great over a coffee and smoke. I am in for it any day, but the hidden meanings in peoples posts are getting stupid. You can all say that you are not being nasty, but I think otherwise.

    If you want to complain about a thread or someones actions this is your thread. Please take into consideration that when something is written, there is no way of knowing its true meaning. Not even with the emoticons! :grin: :) :( :? :p :mad: :cry: :wink: :roll: :?:

    What am I thinking...hmmmmm
  2. I'll agree with you 100%. A forum is a place to share idea's and opinions and ask questions true? I've noticed on the odd occassion it can turn to an attack on your personality and/or intelligence because someone chooses to disagree with you, or your lifestyle, or one simple comment. Keep it nice people. Keep it nice.
  3. That Ktulu guy is a total wanker.

    I'm on 56k, and the pictures in his posts add at LEAST 2.3 seconds to the load-time of every thread I try and view. My time is valuable!

    Sometimes he is being sarcastic too, but doesn't use smilies enough so it's hard to tell. Sometimes he posts stuff that just doesn't make sense at all! Can he be banninatedorized?

    He is a scourge upon us!

  4. lighten up. you can't change things to make them the way you want them. thats like getting angry every time a car driver changes lanes in front of you.
  5. Why not?

    I always say I can't change the world but I can change my little corner! :grin: :grin: :grin:

    What I have noticed is that if you disagree with the way something is people quickly take it as a personal insult, chill out peeps :grin: :grin:
  6. :LOL: :LOL:

    Maybe petition to have another seperate 'Bitching Only' thread. :p 8-[
    Ahh its all good Kat. :wink:

    *Water off a ducks back*
  7. Would have been more accurate to replace "total" with "FUNNY" \:D/ :LOL:

    You crack me up dude. F*cken pics you come out with! :grin:

    Where the hell you get em from.. Its like you have an arsenal at your
    disposal ready to use when appropriate. :LOL:
  8. i think a great debate now and then is top fun. i've been in a few myself and my opponents have agreed that they love it just as much on their end [despite my winning ways].

    i never post in anger or take things personally. if others do i can only feel sorry for them.
  9. This place isn't what it used to be. It's changed. My opinion is all that matters. You all suck for not adopting my views.
    I am going to start my own forums, with a whole section about my daily movements. :LOL: And on those forums, I will backstab the supposed friends I had here. :roll:
    Seriously though, it is hard to not allow a heated debate on the net turn personal, I know I've let it get to me that way occasionaly.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Pah its words on a screen, I don't see how anyone can let it get personal.

    It's not like half of the people on here actually know you in real life and there for any personal sledges have no depth.

    Im always amazed how easily people get on the defensive both on here or on the net in general.

    Seriously if anyone thinks Im giving a snide comment any more thought once I have switched off my computer they are sorely mistaken.

    Kinda like the old days at the pub, have a difference of opinion take it outside to have a punch up and then back inside to have a beer.

    I also dont have to agree with someone to accept their point of view.
    It's always going to happen and for me the differing points of view are why I come here in the first place

    Not to mention Im 5'4 short and have had 32 years experience taking shit from various people on that front.
    So Im kinda used to it.

    Best one I ever heard was a lumber jack for a bonzai tree.
    Now that was gold.
  11. well, we wont tease you........lofty :rofl: :bolt:
  12. I got a unique idea, why don't we have more threads about motorcycling? this place is getting worse than my old mums friggen knitting circle..

    p.s. please notice the intentional lack of emoticons....
  13. nobb! is that a zx9 in your av?

    that's my favourite bike! the motorcycle was perfected when they fixed up the hicup with the weak frame.

    i don't know why they continued making bikes. you just can't improve on perfection.
    mattisan wrote

    my little corner is about the greater good. the changes i am making are
    bringing attention to the plight of antisocial nurses, insurers who are lower than a snakes arse etc. i dont sweat the small stuff.

    it doesnt bother me at all when people go off topic, its not school here. sometimes i think that when a topic turns into a conversation that is a great thing.

  14. Your correct Stumpy it is a 9, but unfortunately I only have a 6. I prefer to show the 9, maybe it's Freudian thing..... :oops:
  15. Ahhh, but I noticed YOU managed to use the David Brent|The Office Dancing "You're Awesome" gif before I found a suitable thread for it.

    Kudos to you, good sir :grin:
  16. I agree. So i purposely made this thread for people to come too if they can't bloody PM people.

    Nice lack of emoticons!

    I am not taking any bickering personally, but bickering on a depression thread is another deal all together. People on that thread may already be lacking self esteem so why add any negativity to it!
  17. ha ha! i think its because you realize what a horrible, horrible mistake you made when you got the 6. :grin: