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Are you running broadband or dialup internet?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mickdundee, Feb 2, 2004.

  1. See how many people here are on dialup and how they feel about the Avatars as they would be the ones most affected.

  2. blow the avatars leave things as they are
  3. Whats the sudden craze with avatars
  4. I am on dialup & I dont mind either way...
  5. I'm with teaBagger!! 8)

  6. Same here, don't really care, the other forums I frequent have avatars,
  7. unlimited 512/128 ADSL here... but dialup for many many years... ALL the other forums i haunt have avatars... and they werent a problem at all on dialup...

    if you allow them, have an option for individual users to turn them off, then if they really dont want to look at them, they dont have to...
  8. Mick, I have dial-up at home 'cos I'm cheap (and easy) but do most of my 'net time at work on a shared 10meg* line. How does that fit in your statistics? -DJ

    *Soon to be a dedicated 100meg line with gigabit available if they think I need it 8)
  9. i have dail up to but it doesnt bother me either way if u have avaters or not .
  10. Don't care either way with avatars, but we should be able to post pics!
  11. Dialup blows, get real and get yourself ADSL/Cable...
  12. avatars, what does this word mean. I have not got a clue?
  13. <=== the little pic under a name
  14. What's dialup?
  15. You've got to wind the modem up with a crank before connecting to the Net... it's not as bad as everyone makes out...
  16. Thank you for that information. Firefling