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Are you nuts buying your first bike at your age!!!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Oliver, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. Hi all
    I'm from Vic, been riding for about 5 months on a cfmoto 650nk, but yet to go on a twisties ride :) or any ride that doesn't involve going to work. my local bike store man pointed me to netrider, Hoping to make new friends as my old ones think im crazy buying my first bike at my age (37)...:wacky:

  2. welcome aboard Oliver :] 37 that's young to be getting it..........a licence that is :wacky:
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  3. My partner and I got our learners after we turned 40.
    Whereabouts are you based ?
    Welcome and enjoy.
  4. welcome OliverOliver pffft learners at 37, I had cracked half ton before I got mine and loving every minute of it. ;)
  5. Welcome, young 'un.
  6. I got my learners (and first bike) at 60........
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  7. Thanks for the welcome all. It took a life altering event for my wife to "let me " get my licence and buy my first bike, now I'm loving it. 8-|. to answer you Question
    Stever42 im based in Watirna south.
  8. I'm 34 and just got my RE license. Have a couple mates around 40 that just got theirs too.

    Though motorcycle salesmen can seem to smell middle aged guys with coin that are new to the scene a mile away.
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  9. What WombleWomble said. And welcome.
  10. Welcome junior.. Don't forget where you leave your zimmer frame !
  11. Welcome mate and ditto what they ^^ all said. Never too late to start living, your mates have no idea!
  12. I started racing karts at 37 gee that was a while ago.
  13. From what I know, life STARTS when you buy a bike. So you're just a baby now. ;)

    Welcome to NR...
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  14. They're absolutely right. Welcome to the disease.
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  15. Welcome Oliver ... i just signed up to the disease 4 months ago at age 43. Never too young . I am located just round the corner in Vermont South so if you are looking for a learner buddy to ride with ... give me a shout.
  16. Also, come on down to the Saturday practice and meet some of us young riders...

  17. You're just around the corner then. I just got home from a meeting in Wantirna.
    Just commuting so far. Any time on the bike is generally well spent. Practice and learning opportunities.
    There's plenty of rides on at the minute. Hopefully we'll catch up somewhere out there.
  18. Hi OliverOliver. Let's face it, you are just too old to be getting on a bike now! Welcome anyway! The way to ride is this, get up early, watch to see where the sun rises. From your place, it will rise over a big hill. Ride there.....
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  19. ..and remember, the more you ride, the younger you get.

    So crank up as many kilometres as you can.

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  20. will do
    My only problem is i work in hospitality and i generally work when most people have their weekend. but im sure we'll meet at some stage. im still trying to work out how to use this forum properly. if you come across any rides that are suitable please point them out for me. im mainly available Monday and Wednesday all day otherwise evening rides.
    Thats what makes sturday practice rides hard :(

    Lazy Libran
    thanks again for everyone's welcome :)