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Are you left brained, right brained or out of your mind?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by WGM, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Yeah I got sent this the other day.

    When I got it, it was going clockwise first, then I looked away and read the rest of the email, and then looked back and it was going anti-clockwise.

    Today, looking at it again, it's going clockwise...and no matter how much I look at it, it's going clockwise....

    Guess i'm in a left-sided brain mood today :p
  2. im right brained, or at least i was before the crash.

    i saw her going anti clockwise and thought WTF

    then she changed direction before my eyes, no need to focus

    IM BOTH BRAINED te he!

    coool :cool:
  3. Got nothing to do with left/right brain - the animation actually changes direction. The dancer changes from spinning on left foot to right when they change direction, although the arms stay the same.
  4. i was going to try and figure it out but have to run to physio.

    good one jd
  5. Incorrect, but thanks for playing!

    Yes, if you perceive her to be spinning clockwise, she's on her left foot and vice versa, but it's your mind that's playing the trick on you, not the animation.

    I can "make her" go either way, at my will.
  6. Clockwise.

    Can't see her going the other way at all.
  7. I can make her change direction at will.
    Makes me well balanced :shock:
  8. We had this at work last week - and two people can be looking at the same thing, and it can be going in different directions... its most bizarre... me and one of the guys were both looking, to me it was going anti - and to him clockwise - then it changed for me - but didnt change for him... so both looking at the same thing - doing different things

    The animation doesnt change - its your mind playing by making it change...
  9. I know you may find this hard to beleive, but I actually doubt this as a test for Left Brained or Right Brained individuals.

    It is more an exercise in perception.

    The good thing is that there is no right and no wrong answer. The most appropriate question is "What do you see?"

    This is similar to the kind of pictures where there is an old lady and young lady in the one thing. Optical illusions and assessments in what you perceive. This site has a lot of them http://www.coolopticalillusions.com/

    MC Escher is a master of creating images that test your perception. Part surrealism, part an excellent application of maths and part really cool stuff to look at. Check out the gallery at http://www.mcescher.com/ for more info.

    Thus endeth the lesson!

  10. its real, i filmed her with my mobile. she changed direction many times [yip, i can do it too now!] and although i saw her change in my mobile, the resulting footage was just one direction

    thats cool!

    i cant figure out how its done
  11. i'm just out of my mind :(
  12. All I know is, I can see her boobies!

    I can manage to make her change direction as well, it's all about perception!
  13. Hmm think you're right - I can make it change direction at will. What worries me is that it frequently changes direction suddenly even if I don't want it to :shock: .
  14. I only seem to get clockwise
  15. Changes for me too -- especially if I start to read the text at the left of the page; out of the corner of my eye I can see her hesitate then turn the opposite way.

    Quite strange ...
  16. that was very confusing.
    repeatedly changing directions :? (as many have said) but clockwise was first :)
  17. Look at it when ya not trippin :LOL:
  18. Clockwise when I'm looking at it
    Anti-clockwise when I'm looking below it :?
  19. thats the best "mind f*ck" I seen in a long time .. passed on big time