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Are you in the Armed Forces?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jigme, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. I have a dilemma.
    It's okay! Relax, I'll be alright. I just need someone in the military with a desire to help me out :LOL:

    Okay, I'll stop being cryptic.

    I have a splitting fuel tank on my beautifully loved yamaha ttr250.
    I'm also taking this machine to tour western australia and need a larger fuel tank so I'm in contact with a fellow in the UK about getting his Acerbis 23L tank.
    Problem is, he's in the UK and the postage is looking like it'll be 120 pounds plus.
    -or- 8.50 pounds if it's sent to someone in Her Majesties service.

    So... If anyone, preferrably in Perth, is willing to accept a package on my behalf and have me pick it up, who is in said service, I'd be forever grateful and I'll promise not to rise up against you if you decide to stage a military coup.

    Having allies in military coup's is like a currency these days. Think about it!

    Thanks in advance comrade! :cool:
    Pvt Sammy. :roll:

  2. I have a feeling (having been brought up in the military) that this rate will only apply to official BFPO addresses. British Forces Posted Overseas addresses are iirc only applied to British military camps on foreign soil as opposed to being available to a squaddie on a cross-services tour, for example. I don't know that there are any British bases in Aus.

    Then again, I may be totally wrong.
  3. sorry champ but what you are proposing is technically fraud under ADF law. unless you are a loggie, they can do anything they want to really since they keep the books. it is a bit suspect when anti tank weapon turn up in lakemba but. and no there are no british bases or any other foreign military bases (not assets) in aus. you would be much better off trying to source you parts from uncle sam.
  4. this dude is ! :rofl:

  5. sweet bike haha
    I'm having it sent registered mail anyway. The postage went down to 78 pounds and that's semi acceptable.

    It's not technically fraud, I'd say it's complete fraud! :grin:

    Stay safe