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Are You Hot?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by SevenSins, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. OK Netriders, I think I've been here long enough now and personally missed out on the special intro question. So for those of us that haven't been asked I bring you the "ARE YOU HOT?" thread.

    Also I meant to say I thought this might make the newbies feel less intimidated when we throw them the question on their intro post...

    To get the party started I'll put up the most recent pic of myself...
    (a reasonable true depiction)

    Now the first one is a few weeks old....I want to represent myself here and not put up some photoshopped image.

    I could have cheated and put up the second pic... but that is me from about 8 years ago, only now I'm about 5 kilos heavier...booo!! and obviously 8 years older...waaaahaaaa (although I think I wore too much makeup then, but hey I was in Venezia)

    anyway I think I'm getting a cold and maybe I've just shot myself in the foot..

    so go on netriders...post up your pics so we don't have to ask "are you hot?"

    I dare you!!! :angel:

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  2. Well, you're hot.. I'm not lmao... Pics in my profile
  3. Very noice, very noice. Thank you.

    You see, boys? They do it, and it's allowed. It's called healthy competition. But if we do it, it's harassment or stalking or creepy. Unless you're related to Brad Pitt or something.
  4. But of course.
  5. Nice, you would stand a chance.....lol
    Today I have a 41 y/o mom student. Rides a gsxr and sounds hot. I use to know her about twenty years ago.
    Getting paid to date..lol I luv it
  6. To be honest, I foresee this thread being full of wanking... and not just by people looking at pictures.
  7. ^^^ your like that really wet fart aren't you
  8. I endorse mom students that sound hot.
    You say that as if it's a bad thing.

    Also, non-ASCII characters have been disabled with the recent forum fix. Look at how Connor's name above has been mangled.
  9. Brave SS. Very brave.

    Di mi, tu ha piacutto Venezia?

    As for the question, my mug was on the telly recently and I've had a few responses... from "you look skinnier in real life" to an old muso/band friend "you were hotter back when I met you". The world is so cruel but I guess that answers the thread question... with a big fat no. lol
  10. Just dialling the time machine
    Now , 8 years you say ?
  11. Maybe I'm just old. I'd go into more detail about why I'm kinda rolling my eyes, at this, but I CBF'ed (and wet-blanketing is hardly good for one's popularity).

    BTW, I also predict this thread being very active.

    It's entirely deliberate, I assure you. Makes it all the harder for people to keep track of who said what :-w.
  12. Well...
    Theres me at work on nightshift a month ago... its about the best photo you will see of me...
    And then theres Mrs Mesy in her SMIDSY shirt trying to pull off the kitten look as a bit of a joke such as we go on about here... One 'kitten' who survived speeding ON a bike :p.

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  13. Well, she's pretty cute. You on the other hand... LOL.
  14. Post pic of ya missus
    Missus dressed as a cat

    Gotta be a one liner in there
  15. This is going to be one interesting thread...
  16. I'll let you lot be the judge


    The OP is hot.
  17. Kinda look like a dog
  18. Yeah, or a divorce.
  19. ...to bad she's not wearing an argyle sweater...
  20. Batting way over my weight with this one lmao. She even asked me to marry her (and we now are) so i must be good in the sack or something... 8-[