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Are you hot?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lipstikpig, May 30, 2012.

  1. Why only blokes?

    Every newbie who might be female who shows up here is asked immediately "are you hot?"
    This is a very hostile question. All of "us" versus the newbie.

    People who are asking this question: why you are doing it?
    a) I don't care how it might feel to be asked this.
    b) I don't have the ability to imagine how it might feel to be asked this.
    c) I do, but it's more important to be part of the ha-ha circle-jerk.
    d) I'm not comfortable with women, so I prefer to alienate them.
    e) Bikers are tough, so all the pansy soft c0cks should run away.
    f) Women are just soft things I like to put my c0ck in, so who cares.
    f) All of the above.​
    It is the one thing about Netrider that is a total fail.

  2. Wow. I must have missed something.

    I do love how you have asked a question so you can throw insults under the pretence of answers though.
  3. Get a sense of humour.

    ****ing political correctness is getting out of control, please go and buy a beige cardigan
  4. FFS it's a joke. In most cases, the statement is preceded with something along the lines of... "since no one has asked yet, I'll do the honours - are you hot?"

    Sheesh, how politically correct do we have to get? Who cares if the person is hot or not? This is an internet forum - and we're not asking for hot pics.

    If you think this is a total fail on NR you'd better toughen up...or never ask an idiotic question, never make a beige statement, or never forget to do a search first, b/c that's more likely to invoke the gods of wrath on NR than anything else, and that wrath can be... well.. wrathful!

    Personally, I find your "answers" quite accusational. As a woman, I give guys more credit than you obviously do.

    A better idea might have been to run a poll asking women on NR if they find that statement confrontational, rather than make an assumption that it does, then try to belittle your own sex as to why they do it. Obviously YOU find it confrontational, but that doesn't mean that others do - you might be suprised to find out.

    Of course, I can only speak for myself - maybe other women ARE bothered by it, but your OP doesn't even try to explore that.

    And for the record - I'm hot on the inside!
  5. you forgot: g) We want to know if they're hot.

    Are you Bern again, back for a second try?
  6. Hangs head in shame, it is all my fault, I said I was hot....
  7. So......

    Are you hot?
  8. That's SO hot!
  9. Nah, it's winter.
  10. I epitomise hotness to an unprecedented level - I am scorching
  11. as in steaming hot number twos?
  12. Hey [MENTION=33072]NiteKreeper[/MENTION], I didn't feel patronised at all.

    I'm defending the guys on this one.
  13. Thought you'd never ask :p

    Yes, yes you do tak, Smokin' hot

  14. hah fixed nah nah nah nah
  15. Can always count on Mick to raise the intellectual level of NR.

    Good one. =D>
  16. Yes Phil it is all our fault - :bolt:
  17. I haver asked anyone yet
    Cos im new.
    But it seems maybe noone thought to ask
    Lipstikpig - are you hot ?