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Are You Hard Core?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mizz ZZR, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. Orrite, how many of you psychos rode in today (if you had a choice of caging it)?

    I whimped out and took the cage, and I'm pretty happy and comfortable with that decision, I tell you :p

  2. Days like this I`m glad Ruby is not yet big enough to get on the back of the bike.
  3. I rode... But it was about 18 degrees and sunny when i left for work at 0700 this morning.

  4. I rode from Albert Park to Moorabbin. Caught one of the storm fronts. Now I have been called up for duty for St Kilda SES so I have to ride it back as well.
  5. I had a nice 45 minute ride in this morning. Got blown around a bit, but made it here safely. It only rained for about half the ride, the other half was just wind.

    Of course my alternative is the train, and I just couldn't bear that...

    I saw 3 other riders on my way - usually I see a dozen or so.
  6. I have to - bike is booked in for a service... I've never ridden in the wet/rain EVER before, so this is going to be an exercise in taking it EASY...
  7. i rode in (but then again i always do). i just feel sorry for scope, she has to travel over the westgate on brents little nsr (i wouldnt want to try it) apparently she got blown all over the place and ended limping over in the emergency stop lane at 10kph as the phrase goes NOT HAPPY JAN
  8. 45 Minute ride in from the Eastern Suburbs to Richmond.

    Bit cold, but still.
  9. I always ride!

    I anit no wimp.
  10. Max and I rode in! I was blown around a bit on Max but nothing to worry about.

    I would hate to ride the beemer in this weather as I'm not confident enough to lane split on the bigger bike.

    I've got a jacket from UnderDog Leather and can absolutely confirmed that it is waterproof and very warm. I haven't got the matching pant so just used the standard wet weater pant.
  11. i didn't used to think twice about it before i lost my licence. now i ride my pushy for 45 mins in this shit. how fuggen tuff am i :wink: i reckon arnie would cower in fear at the sight of me :LOL:
  12. I can't ride in the rain as my bike isn't waterproof (which is a very handy excuse) ;)
  13. Work gave me a company car so unfortunately I had no choice but to drive lol. Last year I would of had to ride in (to this day I still don't own a car)
  14. I took the GT in today...Green Tram. Seemed like a saner idea to me.

    Generally, I ride in to work...on my pushy that is. :)
  15. Rode in and felt very superior for the experience. Nothing like being warm and dry when it's pouring down. Footscray to Richmond and noone tried to kill me, that's a good start to my day.
  16. i ride regardless of the weather , the more you do it the better you become and the more aware you are of what you and your bike are capable of .
    dont be afraid of it , challange it .
  17. Good rule unless you are talking about a bear. :p
  18. :D Not working today ... woooohooo!!!

    as Glen said challenge it ... challenge everything about the weather ... its a great experience riding in the rain ... just don't like the wind.

    Stay upright, becareful, but have some fun!
  19. I DID

    :p :p :p
    i rode the beast into melbourne airport today,i left melton @3.30am in the morning,however the rain is still continueing so @12.30pm wen i finish work @ :roll: (VIRGIN BLUE) sorry that was a plug!!! i will be rideing back in the rain.

    i need a car on gas!!!! :?
  20. i would ride if i had somewhere to be, but for now i'm warm and cozy inside :D

    i reckon the most annoying thing is what to do with the waterproof suit when i get to my destination