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Are you good at telling if its a He or She ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. Man

  2. Woman

    0 vote(s)
  1. Alright !! . . how is this for a little NR game !

    We all know about this South African runner . . .

    It will take a few months to determine his/her gender . . . .

    Lets take a poll and see on a few months time who is correct !
    Geeez, this sounds like a script out of the Maury Show. :LOL:

    Poll will be running for 30days only.

  2. Getting in early - woman.
  3. I voted Woman also ! (for the record)

    But . . . i've been wrong before !
    (Pattaya Beach Thailand, Jan 2001) :LOL:
  4. im gonna take a punt and say its a MAN :LOL:
    there aint too many african chicks around with no boobs and no Ass :LOL:

    Oh are they running this on sportsbet yet? May take a punt there also :LOL:
  5. Just how wrong did you get?


    ...maybe 2 inches in?
  6. it was LONG enough apparently :LOL:
  7. When I was in thailand I tried to pick up a ladyboy, unfort it ended up being a girl...

  8. Well, it's pretty obvious from the bib (s)he's wearing... :LOL:

  9. I reckon it's pretty foul to splash this shit all over the front of the papers. Ten bucks says she's a woman and this is extremely humiliating for her. If there's a serious doubt, test her in private. Should take a pair of latex gloves and about 5 seconds. If she's a man and a cheat, go to town. If not, apologise like a motherf*cker and for chrissake keep it out of the papers.
  10. In my drug induced stupor following the achilles surgery

    they interviewed her and she sounded like a bloke.
    My Guess is she's another lady gaga.
  11. :WStupid:

    I think the person in question is female.
  12. It's not that simple. You can have all the lady bits but still have the wrong chromosones, or an extra chromosone. It's reasonably common amongst women, and of course given that this anomaly usually predisposes them to be a bit more bloke-like, it's extremely common amongst female athletes. Look it up if you care to. Sporting bodies wrangled over the topic for some time, and from memory a LOT of medals would have to be taken back if they followed through on the results of their backdated testing for olympics.
  13. mmm, dunno, steriods do funny things to people....
  14. The thing is, its not as simple as inny or outy bits.

    Theres a whole host of genetic conditions that may lead her to have male characteristics and possibly an "advantage" over other female competitors. I emphasise advantage because male vs female is an incomplete comparison, there are states in between M & F.

    Obviously theres also artificial ways to achieve similar results.

    Either way, I agree that this crap shouldnt be front page news, but the media and public is a slut for controversy.

    edit: seems devotard beat me to it.
  15. Simple.

    Lady bits - Girl
    Bloke bits - Guy
    Hermy - Start singing or join the special olympics.
  16. obviously a lesbian... :grin:
  17. maybe it's both, and scarilly self fertilizing, run they are coming
  18. lady gaga?
  19. #20 Mickyb V9, Aug 21, 2009
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