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Are you asking for a CHalleenngge!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. (the heading will make a lot more sense if you watch this Homestar cartoon)


    Just got the renewal notice (from Western QBE, who I'm hugely happy with) for the insurance on my Spada. Noticed the public liability cover is 30 million dollars.

    Started trying to imagine *any* scenario in which the Spada could do that much damage. ;)
  2. hmmm... how about you swerve in front of an tourist coach full of japanese tourists, the driver attempts to dodge your motorbike and ends up on the wrong side of the road where an oncoming semi-trailer happens to be coming around the blind corner killing about 25% of the passengers on board, seriously injuring another 50% and causing minor injuries to the remaining 25%.

    There is then a class action taken against you and your 'negligent' riding from people seeking income support (lets say 25 people) for the term of their natural lives and in a country where the living expenses are much higher than in Australia.

    Are you sure that $30 mill is enough? :wink:
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    Well you could run it into a rocket fuel station, which would look like this...

  4. You could be pillioning Michael Flatley, when you accelerate so fast that you drop him off the back, breaking his precious legs (£25 million worth):
  5. ..... TWENTY X-TY SIX!!!!!!


    And if you are looking for a challenge.... calll mee on my cellllll-phoooonnnnnneeeeee! :p