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are you an exclusively online netrider?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by slyfox, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. i'm a netrider social butterfly, if you don't know me you're nobody

  2. i get involved every now and then

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  3. i plan on getting involved/more involved in the near future

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  4. these people scare me, i'm an online presence only

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  1. i keep meaning to get down for coffee nights but as yet i haven't made one, i have gone on a netrider ride and it was good fun even though there was just a couple of us (quality, not quantity) :p

    so do you love the forum but seldom get down for a coffee? or do you skip the social arena and only get involved when it's a netrider ride event? or are you like me and keep planning on getting more involved but obstacles arise?

  2. I've been on a couple of small rides with Netriders, and they were great fun.

    Haven't been to a coffee night yet, plan to make one one day :D

    Mostly online I guess. I suppose most of my riding is spur of the moment type stuff when I get a spare minute, I jump on the bike and go for a ride ;)
  3. To describe myself as busy at the moment is a HUGE understatement.

    I'll participate in person when I get 5 mins to scratch myself.
  4. I'd like to think i go on most of the rides, but unfortunately this hasn't been true recently. :( Like all the other busy people in this world... there's always so much to do and so little time.

    As for coffee nights, i'll trek down occasionally... again when other engagements permit - working 5pm till midnight on a Friday unfortunately usually means i can't get down in time. If the weather is ok i might try and trek down this Friday. :D (.... might ....)
  5. Lazy bugger Koma.

    Yeah, I make as many rides as I can - I think a few Netriders recognise me these days.

    As for social events... well, I haven't been to many yet. I haven't made a coffee night (although I always intend to ;)), but I did make the Wino night!

    For those that selected the last option: more ridey, less talky! :LOL:
  6. i spied a coffee (said POSER) nite, and have been on a rideday organized by a fellow netrider. also been on a few day blasts. As it stands i am more of a rider than a talker.............. so lets ride.
  7. More of a Melbourne poll here, Sydney coffee night is not well attended. To be fair, though, many riders see Netrider as only an on-line activity, and are very committed to the on-line version anyway. (This dichotomy was discussed at great length with Jason on Saturday night!!!)
    NSW riders represent 600 or more of the total membership of Netrider.
  8. I'm an addicted poster but have only been on one ride (which I organised and led). I've never been to a coffee night can never get my arse into gear...:LOL:
  9. I wish I had (more) time at moment for netrider stuff but I simply just don't.
  10. I've been to a coffee night and a wine appreciation night which was great. I've met a good few netriders now too and Im looking forward to my first ride.
    Just picking up my bike today so Im really looking forward to getting more involved now I have all the tools..
  11. but how many of those are active (i.e. post in the forums or even log-in regularly)?

    i've been a slacker when it comes to the sydney coffee nights - work usually ends up getting in the way :(
  12. yeah, it's pretty obvious that the Melbourne Netriders are very well connected socially, probably from a close physical spread of suburbs, and so more active in Netrider activities. That said Sydney is physically a lot smaller than Melbourne, although more populous.
    Maybe a weekend ride might be a better bet than the Coffee Night, which has been poorly patronised, for reasons such as work!!!
  13. Dichotomy :shock:

    Regular forum-er, never been to coffee & go on every ride I can... which unfortunately has been far too few of late. December is looking like a good ride month though (wifey is away for the ENTIRE month \:D/ ).

    NOT that it is her fault I don't get out much, of course... err... darling :? ?!
  14. well could say most of the member that come to the netrider drinking nights know me, and know a couple of others through coffee, nights.
  15. Dichotomy; 1 : a division or the process of dividing into two especially mutually exclusive or contradictory groups or entities
    In other words, many Sydney riders are committed to the electronic version of the forum but exclude any social or personal aspects thereof. (NOT a criticism)
    GOOD to hear that you may be able to "slip the leash", so to speak, in December, hope Melbourne and environs turns on splendid weather for the duration!!!!! :LOL:
  16. No criticism taken, it just sounded like a painful procedure to go through :LOL:

    Thinking of crossing the border one weekend, see some of those NSW roads you've been going on about.
    Fancy showing an old expat around?
  17. I used to be a little bit more involved.. I've found myself to be alot busier than I'd like.... but hopfully in time I'll be back in the thick of it again..... Most people out there know the Boogieman's Mug so I cant be completely imaginary :p :LOL:
  18. Nearly, you PM me when you've got something planned and I'll show you the glorious South Coast of NSW and some magic roads!!!
  19. This year has proven to me that I'm pretty much a Summer/Autumn Netrider and a Winter/Spring Snow Skier. I haven't been to a Netrider thing since the snow started started falling.

    I'll be back though ;)
  20. I'm a bit far out of Melbourne to get to coffee nights easily (although I'd like to make the trek sometime).

    I've met a few of the regulars on here at GP, supers and via other forums.

    Family committments restrict my riding time so I'm mostly online and short rides closer to home.