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Are you a waver?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by negatron, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. Only to other scooters, those bike riders never wave /nod back anyway

  2. Any 2 wheeler, aren't we all equals?

  3. I'm a Happy person and wave to anything at the lights

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  1. A quick poll on what you do at the lights

  2. I nod to everyone if I can.

    But with Harley riders I dont bother nodding first, but if they nod of course i'll nod back. Same goes to most scooter riders, I find scooters tend not to nod to bikers.

    Also depends on just how many bikes/scooters are out and about. I mean if there are a billion on the commute into work then I get sick of looking like one of those bobbing head dogs on the dashboard :)
  3. +1
    When i ride the x8250, the front looks like a "bike" so everyone nods back and then they go WTF? :LOL:
    When i ride the 50cc, most will nod back, some laughing!!..Only the posties never nod back at me..
  4. Supernego - we nod to ya yesterday cos you re like riding a sportsbike while filming :LOL: THX for the clips.
  5. Ah I see, so lets have censorship instead, much better :roll:
  6. At its best..
  7. same here,
    i've only been riding for a bit and my daily commute to work only covers ~5kms though i make an effort to nod to everyone.
  8. Yep... I nod/wave at other scooteristas... and will always return a nod/wave...
  9. I really enjoy the reactions I get to my scoot, even from motorbike riders. I've had quick chats with bikie-looking doods (it probably helped that I told him that I admired the way he had dressed up his cruiser), a chat with a biker about my perforated jacket & the benefits of wearing it as well as waves & general sillyness to & from kids in cars. :LOL:

    Most times however I find that I'm ignored by the motorbike riders, but hell I don't care it gives me a giggle if they take themselves so bloody seriously.
  10. I'll only return a nod.

    Being a long timer scooter rider, years of abuse/fingers/crap from bike riders has pretty much driven all that "we are all two wheelers brothers in arms" crap right out of me.

    Usually nodding to a biker is what initiates the abuse/fingers/crap so I just keep to myself.

    Though I have to admit, things have changed over the last couple of years, for the better.
  11. I dont want to go to WA now :cry:
  12. Noooo! We're not all like that! Please! We need all the scooter chicks we can get!

    Actually with a seemingly common attitude being that scooters are the vehicles of girls n gays we need more blokes on em too!
  13. Since have been riding the new maxi-scoot, I only return the nod or wave due to rider's mind-set.

    A while ago when first got my scoot, a typical rider didn’t respond to my nod, gave me the birdie and darted off. Fine, I thought, who cares. Forgot the incident and went on.

    On my way back, there he was, parked on the kerb-side of a deserted stretch of the road with obvious problems. Should I stop and give him a bruising for his manners??? So, I stopped… offering assistance, to his outmost surprise. He had a punctured rear tyre and no repair kit, so handed him mine. Not long after he was able to get back on his bike, rendered his apologies for the birdie and thanked me for stopping.

    Each bike has its application, same as all other vehicles: ride it for its intended purpose and to your experience. There is no safe vehicle, you diminish safety. We are all riders and the tweet that you may ridicule may be the one saving your arse.

    For the purpose of this post, I think you don’t have to nod/wave first, however you should return the gesture, no matter what they ride, as it’s good manners.
  14. *thumbs up* Well said dude! :grin:
  15. NO! Come to WA! work for us! Please! We need all the eastern staters over here to fill all the job vacancies!

    Only problem is that there is nowhere for you to live over here. Oh well. :(