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Are you a registered organ donor

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by nobby, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. yes

  2. no

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  1. Boo mentioned in the "how do you want to die" thread, that she is an organ donor, so it got me thinking how many people here are registered organ donors and do you have a reason for being or not being a donor?

    I have been registered for some time and it was decision based on nothing more than believing that somebody may get some good out of what I will no longer need.

    For those that are interested, you can register here:


  2. No - not a donor. Never really considered it before. However, every part of me aches, so probably not that good for anyone else.

    I will review the link provided and give it some serious thought though.
  3. I have been registered for years...if anything is any good still it won't be any use to me then :)
  4. i wont be guaranteeing my organs will br much use, but they are free to do whatever they like with them :)
  5. They can eat mine for strength.


    /Starts playing the banjo.
  6. Although I am not a registered organ donor I have had a discussion with my mum, and I told her that in the event of me ever being involved in an accident and I am classed as "brain dead" then she is to donate any organ that is salvagable. I know I should register but I haven't gotten around to it yet, I am a bit of a slacky.
  7. Yep been registered for ages, Cant take em with you.
  8. It is like a religious question. There is no right or wrong answer. It makes a world of sense to donate them given the way it can save/hugely improve someone's life but I can understand some people being uncomfortable with the idea. It is THEIR body after all and they don't suddenly lose rights over it just because they happen to stop breathing.

    I have always been and will always be a donor. To me seems a waste to incinerate perfectly good organs that could be of use for years to come and get someone else living a full life again.
  9. yep i'm registered - and my family all know it.....
  10. I am registered - mind you if someone was to get my liver, they'd be wanting their money back in no time at all :LOL:
  11. Yep Mr Charmed & myself are registered donors.
    Even the eldest two.
    Clearly marked on licence.
  12. no not registered. no intention of becoming registered. and no if i needed an organ from someone i will not ask for one.
  13. Registered, & discussed it thoroughly with the family and all agree to offer any good organs if the unthinkable happens.

    We wanted (and so did he) Dave's organs to be used, but the extended drug usage to keep him in a coma precluded that :cry:

    Also a registered Blood Donor, in fact due to give my next deposit this month :grin:
  14. Mr Scumbag & myself are both registered & happy to donate whatever can be of use.....

    re the blood.....you have just reminded me that I can donate that again now that my tattoo bann has expired... :grin: mobile bloodmobile is calling at work soon so will give them a call.
  15. ken'n'i both are too. mum wasn't happy about it when i first registered but i guess she's learnt to live with it... or forgotten about it :)

    any particular reason es? i don't want to suddenly break into rap or acquire a taste for twisties but on the whole i have no objection to inheriting someone else's organs if required.

    ps the rap & twisties refs come from a doco that showed organ receivers sometimes acquire skills, tastes or knowlege of the original donor ie cellular memory.
  16. Have been registered for many years and so to have both of my kids been, from the day they were old enough to understand the meaning of organ donoring and old enough to make up their own minds, yes they were happy to and still are if it helps save another persons life :grin:
  17. my licence says I'm an organ donor - is registering seperate from that or does thta cover it?
  18. Well, I'll be the first.

    Not an organ donor. Don't like the idea of someone using my arm as a practical joke at a uni, or maybe a doctor not trying as hard if he sees that I am a donor. (Stupid, I know)

    Also, what would anybody want with a poisioned liver, smoke-filled lungs and a small penis?
  19. it is different ot donate your body to science than to be an organ donor.

    donating your body to science means that the doctor (who 'isn't trying as hard') gets to practice and learn on something other than an alive 'you' :shock:

    livers are self repairing, and i'm pretty sure they don't do penis transfers :LOL: :LOL:

    that would be a shock after an accident "uhhh doctor, why is my penis different " :-s
  20. The first couple of yrs of my youngest daughter's life, it was always a possibility that she may need a heart transplant...as it turns out new technology had them performing a relatively new procedure on her and the transplant was no longer a topic of discussion.

    Met quite a few parents whose children received hearts, lungs and kidneys. Unlike my daughter, these parents had no other option for their kids. Someone out there did them a great big favor. Nice. :)

    Cheers to all who register as a donor. :)