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Are you a psycho........

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Removed_User_5, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. There are two sisters who are attending their mothers funeral, both are very distraught about her death.
    At the funeral one of the sisters sees a man who she instantly falls in love with, she has never met the man before and has no idea who he is. She doesn't approach him or speak with him at all. But she knows thats the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

    2 weeks later she kills her sister !!!!

    Why did she do that ?

    answers on a postcard....

    It be interesting to hear what you all make about this.
    I would like to hear an answer not questions please.

    good luck ......

  2. So she could meet the guy again - it's been posted before.
  3. She hopes to see the man again at the next funeral. oooooooh.
  4. They are identical twin sisters and the guy is dating the wrong twin.
    What do you mean answers on a postcard?????
  5. jd and crumpetman (LOVE that handle) must be psychic, not psycho......
  6. He's an undertaker then?
  7. Well arnt you a big bag of joy...... do you think newbies go through all the posts to see this kinda stuff.....I didnt.

    Well done, thanks for that.
  8. Hey you wanted an answer, I gave the correct one. What more did you want? Oh and the forums do have a search function. :p
  9. Can't i be both? :p :evil: :p Would make tracking victims much easier
  10. The test has the massive assumption that you have no knowledge of phychopaths
  11. Which means he hasn't been hanging around in HERE very long!
  12. Apologies Mr JD. Your right I should have searched......then I wouldn't have posted it, but if i hadn't i would never have known how smart you are. And did you get it right all on your own ?

    Maybe I should go back to my Barbie doll forum... too many self confessed nutcases round here......

    I always search first......thanks
  13. I actually freaked out a mate's gf totally by answering the question correctly.

    She avoided me religiously from then on.
  14. Didn't have to read the post, saw the header

    the answer YES :shock: :shock: :p
  15. If you DID would you admit to it?? :eek:
  16. If you don't change your sig, we're ALL going to avoid you, religiously, atheistically, spiritistically, etherally, and literally!!
    (Just kidding) :LOL:
    {The poster above me is annoying}
  17. so what's the test???

    if you answer correctly then you are a psychopath? is that it?
  18. I wouldnt say a psychopath but you think like they do. Apparentley it was a questioned posed to inmates and ove 90% got it correct first time without thinking about it too much.
    If your normal (whatever that is) then you always ask questions about the situation. And when you do get told the answer you dont find it that obvious.

    The answer I thought you would ALL have known since "its been posted before" but obviously not everybody reads EVERY post.

    look to JDs post for the answer after the first post.
  19. Heheheehe, that was going to be my answer too. Some topics just scream out for a one word answer, don't they?
  20. You know I think this is the first time someone has actually gotten upset about having their question answered so quickly. Cheer up Stookie, it's Friday.