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Are you a bike snob?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Joleda, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Something that has been bothering me since I got my licence, I have read a few articles floating around the web on it, and they seem to be along the same page as me... just wondering what you guys think regarding it all... Bike snobs...

    To me, I mainly find that I only get the old bike to bike nod returned by people on particular bikes!

    I find it snobby that people think just because someone is on a different style bike to them, they don't give them the time of day. (or a slight head movement in the nodding case).

    So are you a bike snob?

    Do you laugh at people riding a 250 CBR or Ninja wearing a ducati jacket?
    Do you think all ducati riders drink latte's and (Genuinely) make fun of them?
    Will you only talk to or acknowledge people riding the same style bike as you?

    Then I think you are a bike snob!
    What do you think constitutes snobbyness on 2 wheels? and does anyone have any experiences to share?

  2. some people firmly do not believe in nodding or the biker brotherhood bullshit

    keep that in mind.
  3. Of course, I don't mind if they don't do it at all, it was more of just a discussion topic :p
  4. It does depends, but I noticed riders on cruisers tend not to nod.
    I always nod if one is given.
  5. 2 wheels, a motor and a smile is all it takes for me to nod or talk (except if its a Harley :whistle: )
  6. Excellent, a nodding thread!
    A bike's a bike regardless of what badge is stuck on it.

    *Does not include scooters. :-*
  7. Nod, Nod, Nod -- what happens if you say it three times?

  8. Agreed! Also cyclists!

    Does that mean your a Harley snob lol? :ROFLMAO:

  9. A moderator appears in the mirror behind you and closes the thread.
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  10. I nod any type but only get a return from a few. It is hard to be sure sometimes. Never noticed any group different to an other. I ride a cruiser so to say cruiser riders never return a nod is wrong.
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  11. I'm a full open hand wave normally. Depends on circumstances though. If I'm in the twisties giving it a bit of schtick I don't nod or wave, I just concentrate on what I'm doing
  12. In my experience, one will always be called a snob for some perceived "biker etiquette" infringement or other.

    Example being nodding - I rarely nod in traffic, as I am a little preoccupied paying attention to what is going on around me. That's my way, and I fully agree it's not the same for everyone. Would someone take offence to a nod not being returned, if given? Probably, if you go by some of the posts on this forum over the years.

    Brand/bike style etiquette - there are certainly different breeds out there, and that includes those who like to "have the image". Their choice, none of my business. Does it mean I look down on them, or snob them? Nope, because I tend not to consciously take in anything about them - it's none of my business. Again though, judging by some of the posts on this forum over time, there are those within the community of motorcycle riders who genuinely feel they are "better" (for want of a more appropriate term) than others, or that because they ride X brand they should only associate etc with like owners. Meh.

    I guess I subscribe to the theory of "you do your thing, I'll do mine".
  13. Nodding is all cruiser riders can do, as we've already established that they can't take their hands of the bars for fear of instant death
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  14. Geez, Smee must be sleeping in today..

    (Umm, where are the emoticons?)
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  15. I've nodded to and been nodded to by all categories of bike rider, including cyclists. I've had pleasant conversations with all manner of riders, including cyclists. I've found that cyclists, scooter riders and cruiser riders are the least likely to nod. Adventure bike riders are the most likely to nod coming the other way. Other VFR riders are the most likely to have a conversation at the lights or at a common biker resting place (it's a bike with a cult following, so Viffer riders tend to have a bit of a talk to each other).
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  16. I'll give a nod to anyone, I don't care what people ride.
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  17. I think I've turned into one. There seems to be so many muppets/tossers on bikes these days. I find myself judging a lot of them thinking "look at this idiot", obviously if I'm thinking that then I won't validate them in any way.

    I think I'm getting a lot surlier as time goes on. It's the usual story, as time goes on you see more people being scraped off the road, more newspaper articles condemning idiots of bikes and I start to genuinely look at some riders and think "you are ruining it for everyone". It's pretty hypocritical of me because I've done heaps of stupid shit and have no doubt that I've contributed to ruining motorcycling for everyone. I've been told off by countless people that I'm going to kill myself over the years.

    I don't have preconceptions of riders by bike type and brand etc, if I see a bloke who looks like they're out there really enjoying it ill give them a nod/wave/chat at lights or servo. When I see a squid on a flash bike with an open pipe in footy shorts showing off his shaved legs revving it up at the lights trying to impress the chicks it takes every bone in my body not to flip him off.
  18. I'll acknowledge anyone with two or three wheels and a motor regardless of brand or style. What they do in return is up to them. Cruiser riders respond less frequently, especially those riding a particular brand, but I just figured they're too afraid to let go of the grip lest they immediately lose control, accidentally apply the front brake and crash. It's all good.

    Of course if someone doesn't stop to help another rider in trouble, I don't care what they ride that's a douche move and they don't deserve one ounce of respect as a rider or as a human being.
  19. Been out for a ride in the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges today. I was told as a kid to wave or nod to other riders as we are all brothers and sisters of one mind. I do so religiously. So... why is it that people who have clearly spent a bit on their passion simply refuse to wave or nod at others? It can't be that it's me they don't like, coz riders of sports tourers. motards, nakeds etc all seem to get it and say hi but cruiser riders and "Goldwings" just don't/won't !

    Its enough to put you off, but then, I would seem rude to those who DO wave etc if I didn't do it, so I continue to wave.

    However, it is just rude to see me and not even acknowledge MY effort, even if you don't normally make an effort yourself. What is it, do you think you have spent more on your bike than mine and therefore your sh*t doesn't stink? Believe me, it does....


    Rant over.
  20. I passed by about 50 riders today. 3 nodded and a couple waved. I think it's losing relevance, like kids that don't respect their elders today. Different times.
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