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Are Yappies Taking Over Australia ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by orekin, May 3, 2010.

  1. My house is surrounded by yappies.

    Jack Russells, Maltese Terriers, ShitZoos. Pint sized pugs that bark at anything and everything.

    And once they start barking, they just dont stop.

    Every year it seems to be getting worse. Is this just me, or are others noticing the same thing ?
  2. Most the people in my street have real dogs. Not 'toy' dogs.
  3. only have one yappy toy around us atm but it was there before we brought into the area.....so atm gotta say no
  4. They're all owned cyclists who want to make your life a misery...
  5. Nah. Dogs are registered, and most of them are identifiable :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  6. Hate the overgrown rats - throw em in the mincer along with the cats I say.

    *Dons flame suit*
  7. Hmm, are they over 97 decibels at 1000 barks per minute......
    Operation pipedown would require them for an EPA test....
    Naturally they will be tested WITHOUT THEIR MUZZLES.....
  8. love to own a staffy, but have no time for dogs
  9. yep they are farkin everywhere and like you said orekin once they start yapping they don't stop.
    our two year old is constantly being woken by the buggers just as you get him down for a nap.
    I blame the owners who lock em in a courtyard all day with no stimulation and give em a five minute walk after work, no wonder they bark at their own shadows.
  10. Love dogs, but Maltese terriers owners shit me (used to be Silky terriers). Anyone who buys a dog that looks like that is buying it for the wrong reasons. Middle aged women who want a cuddly-wuddly child substitute should get a stuffed toy. Don't make some poor animal suffer because you are an empty-nester.
  11. Complain to your local Council ... sometimes it works.

    We had a w@nker in our block with two of those walking snacks ... would yapp all night every night. Eventually someone filed a complaint and the noise stopped.
    Turns out the w@nker was your typical pet owner ... me want dog but me no read ... meaning they haven't got a clue about their pet's needs, behavioural rules, etc. In this case, they needed to look up pack mentality.
    Their two meals with fur would fight when locked inside together (establich pecking order), so to avoid that (stupid w@anker reasoning) they swapped having one inside and the other outside. Any dog owner with half a clue would know that this spells trouble.

    So does feeding your dog first, letting them get onto furniture (same height), sleep in your bed, etc. etc.
    My dog tried getting onto the couch once ... one plonk, embarrassed look and 1/2 hour of sulking later and he's got the message.
  12. Little dogs shit me no end. All bark & no bite!

    There's a dog day care across the road from me :( Lucky I'm at work all day!

    Maybe some doggy vicoden sprinkled around the yards?
  13. It's so hard to train owners...
  14. Half the problem is when the owners themselves don't take the dogs seriously. What they often don't seem to realise is that whether the dog is a chihuahua or a tamaskan, it is still a dog and should be treated/trained appropriately.

    Cats you can more or less leave to their own devices. Dogs (even when cat-sized), not so much.
  15. Funny how everyone complains about small dogs but never about large dogs barking, which I've always found more common anywhere I've lived.
    Also find it hilarious that those who've complained to me about barking dogs are usually pretty bad noise offenders themselves.
    It seems waking up the entire neighbourhood at 2am thursday, friday, saturday and sunday night when you come home from getting drunk is less offensive than 30 seconds of dog barking once a day. Perhaps it's because the dogs woke you up at 11am, when you were still wasted? Dunno.:nopity:
    Or the inconsiderate motorcyclist who warms his loud bike up every morning in the driveway at 7am......:angel:
    See my point? EVERYONE makes noise that will offend a neighbour, why is a barking dog more offensive than something YOU do?
    You want to live with neighbours, sometimes you have to look at yourself and think about how good a neighbour you are before going off on rants.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. I've got several dogs in my street, and a mix of large and small breeds. I also have two myself, a Heeler and a Cocker. The usual scenario is that one will set all the others off until the whole street is in uproar. Doesn't happen often, and it's usually actually the two big dogs next door that start it.

    That said there are two new terriers across the road from me who yap at me whenever I step out the front door. One of them figured how to get out the other day and chased me on my pushy half way up the street!

    It doesn't bother me, as I love dogs and know how to deal with them in most circumstances. You can't walk through our area without realising how many dogs there are around, so you couldn't move in and then claim ignorance if the noise bothered you. Be like moving in behind the Espy and then complaining about the noise.
  17. Only 30 seconds once a day ??????

    No person in their right mind should complain about that !!!!
  18. Spot on, they cramp your style.
    Know people who cannot do stuff and go places because of the dog.
    Not for me, they are not allowed at race tracks anyway.
  19. fur babies ........... can be trained
    their owners ......... can't
    don't blame the dogs...
  20. Of course they can. They just don't realise or give enough of a crap to do so.

    People think dogs are just a piece of fury, hungry furniture and that's all the maintenance they need. You really need to think of them more like children. To a point anyway.