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Are Women Better, Smarter or both as drivers/riders???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by joetdm, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Unfortunately, have no choice but to listen to 3AW.
    One good thing though is Mitchell is away..... YEAH!

    Now to the point....
    They're about to talk about this years fatalities (in vic but similar states Aus wide) at 275 where 211 were male!


    Yeah I know I've probabably started the biggest war known to humans and look forward to some great laughs in expected replies.

    But we may get a serious side too so there may be some replies worth thinking about. Although more males ride than females, overall I'd say total vehicle use out there would be closer to 50/50 than most people think.

    Are they better skilled than males?
    Are they smarter/wiser?
    Is it all about skill or smarter/wiser more important than skill on a public road?

    Gawd, talk about opening a can of worms.......](*,)
  2. I don't know why, but it appears to be a global phenomenon. I tend to think it's because when couples and families drive it's generally the man behind the wheel which skews the number of driver/hours/mile sum
  3. YES!!...

    ... this thread can be closed now!! :angel:
  4. I dont believe that is correct, though I have to go find the numbers to back that up. From memory more kms are done by males, and the circumstances are less favourable, ie long drives, rural drives, evening and night driving. Professional drivers like couriers or truckies tend to be males as well.

    Me included. I do 10 hour shifts as a courier, and I battle with insomnia. I need to manage it closely because I have nearly become a statistic on a few too many occasions.
  5. This was a loooong time ago, but at one point I read a study indicating that once things are balanced in terms of distance driven, circumstances, etc… women and men both have similar amounts of accidents, HOWEVER, men have bigger ones. Women are more prone to be involved in minor fender benders, men are more likely to take out 9 cars and a petrol station.
  6. I tend to think that men are better drivers/riders overall but also take far more risks and take the greater of the risks i.e. hooning around. Crashes for women tend to be smaller bingles that they generally can walk away from while men tend to go out in a blaze of glory (and in multiple pieces).

    Men are also less likely to ask for help and so are more likely to take the risk of driving drunk whereas (from my experience) women can usually call up someone to pick them up when drunk.

    Finally, men are usually the go to driver for longer family trips, and again their ego can sometimes pay a role in continuing to drive while sleepy.

    ******flame suit on******
  7. Oh the smarter wiser thingy is coming to mind.......](*,)](*,)](*,)
    << Please tall me it aint true >>

  8. Ok Ill tall you.
  9. Is it that 17-25 yo male driver/rider are more prominent in the statistics (hence the higher premiums insurance companies demand from this demographic)... they do appear to behave as if they are bullet-proof in that age group compared to females. Obviously there are exceptions to the rule but on the whole, it's the males who tend to drive with the wrong brain in that age bracket.
  10. Ive never seen a female taxi driver.
  11. There's other cultural elements, too, such as young men driving around with mates in their fully sick falcadores. I person may be slightly stupid, but when you add a couple of peers the smarts get divided by five, or thereabouts :p.

    There's also biological stuff to take into account -- high levels testosterone has been known to affect aggression a little bit.
  12. What azn said.

    Men are better drivers, they know it and they push the limits of their vehicle. So when a man fvcks up, it's probably going to be at high speed or in some other potentially fatal situation.

    Women are terrible drivers, they know it and drive within the vehicles limits. When a woman fvcks up it's because they were putting on makeup or trying to reset their trip counter by putting their hand through the steering while whilst turning a corner.
  13. Think they are generally less of a 'risk taker' than the average male....... so Yes! probably smarter....:rolleyes: (tongue in cheek)
    The average male has an overabundance of testosterone/ competitive attitude that finds him out on the ragged edge, even to the extent of exceeding his individual skill level:eek:

    Not saying that this is 'black and white'......I know some female riders that could run rings around a lot of blokes but you know wot they say.....

    the male is more stimulated visually (hands-on experience, scraping the pegs etc) while for...
    the female, its all about 'feelings'.....they just enjoy the ride:p
  14. Not going to read all these post as I assume it is rhetorical question.
  15. Men average far more kilometres travelled. That pretty much explains it IMO.
  16. whatever you say is going to offend them....then you won't get dinner for a week....

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  17. It's very very simple - woman do not have testosterone flooding their bodie like us males. That's both an advantage and disadvantage, but usually doesn't lead them into trouble.

    Not to mention that there are less female driver/riders(I think?)

    We're blokes, we are supposed to get hurt more often - if we did'nt we'd be a pathetic bunch of little poofs, wouldn't we! By nature, we are the risk takers, without the common sense of most woman.
  18. Oh hell no, that sh1ts going to give me nightmares for a week. My eyes are bleeding already.
  19. =D&gt;
  20. Out of all of us I think only Raven will be having a good dinner tonight. Im already setting up my pillows and blanket in the couch lol.