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Are we the Nation of Rules and Regulations?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pringa8, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. Reading a story yesterday about the new tourism pitch for Australia, and a lot of comments indicated that people are coming here because we're a Nation of Rules and Regulations. I couldn't help agreeing (though I'm sure the cost of travel and accomodation is a bigger factor, but whatever).

    After being through Europe, parts of Asia, PNG I would have to agree that we're one of the most over regulated over censored countries around. Rules for this, signs saying obey this, regulations preventing you from that and so many bloody laws and taxes trying to control our lifestyles. How did this all happen when we're of convict ancestry!! What happened???

  2. I couldn't agree more......after getting home last week, I am not sure we are still in the lucky country.....

  3. psst, over here ----->

    The title of Horne's The Lucky Country comes from the opening words of the book's last chapter:

    Australia is a lucky country, run by second-rate people who share its luck.

    Horne's statement was actually made ironically, as an indictment of 1960s Australia. His intent was to comment that, while other industralised nations created wealth using "clever" means such as technology and other innovations, Australia did not. Rather, Australia's economic prosperity was largely derived from its rich natural resources. Horne observed that Australia "showed less enterprise than almost any other prosperous industrial society."[1]
    In the decades following his book's publication, Horne became critical of the "lucky country" phrase being used as a term of endearment for Australia. He commented, "I have had to sit through the most appalling rubbish as successive generations misapplied this phrase."

    Yep I agree we are over-regulated and over-governed; let's go back to 200 years ago when you could be flogged for stealing a handkerchief and hanged for a range of petty crimes. Yes, we've definitely gone backwards :roll:

    Seriously, what a nonsensically uneducated topic...
  4. Honestly, it's all gone to ass since women could vote.
  5. I'm with you, GS.

    However there are many worse places to live still...
  6. Would you want to live in a country without any laws???
  7. Perhaps he should have a drink with Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Barnes et al. :wink:
  8. There's a difference between a country well governed with appropriate laws and a country that over regulates and licences everything.
  9. your 'over-regulates' is another man's 'far too lenient'
  10. As long as we moderate the following:

    1. Politically correct fools
    2. Fundamental muslims
    3. Feminists

    Then we may avoid the crap thats going on in the rest of the western world :LOL:
  11. i see no problem with number 3... by leaving them alone, it makes them easier to avoid.
  12. putting them in a concentration camp also makes them easy to avoid
  13. I agree Australia is over-regulated.

    I've lost count of the number of times while friends are trying to figure out how to transport a a group of people who'd like to have a few beers with dinner (bus? there aren't any stops around here. train? how do we get to the station?? taxi? too expensive to get into the city...) I've told how in Thailand we could just pile in the back of a ute with some cushions and 8 people are transported easily.

    If I was granted 1 wish to improve Australia, keeping within the spirit of things but removing a highly negative influence, I'd wish to:
    Make 'safety' less important than 'a reasonable level of enjoyment'.

    The policy shift would flip the place up-side-down.
  14. It's not just Australia!!... most of the "civilised" world has gone bloody nuts with the cotton wool society.

    I prefer tools to wipe themselves out and clean up the gene pool myself!!..... but now there a rules & regulations which mean that they tend to survive for longer :roll: (just one example!)

    Personal responsibility and accountability go out the fricking window when there is overuse of rules & regs :roll: We end up not thinking for ourselves an a blame culture takes over.

    Anyhooo!.... I live in hope that the cotton wool society is seen for what it is.... and personal responsibility is once again held in high regard

  15. As Hornet said...

    A European economic forum a few years ago described Australia as "a third world country with a first world standard of living", given how our economy is driven.

    As for rules and regs, it's funny. We have law libraries full of them telling us what we are not allowed to do. Very few statutes exist to tell us what we CAN do...

    As for over-regulation, how many tiers of government does say, Tasmania have, for a population that's under a million? ie. smaller than most US cities, which may have 3 levels at the most.

    US Congress has I think around 540 members in the HoR. They represent nearly 300 million people. We have about half that number to represent 1/15th of its population size. Then we have a state government, then a local council, all of which have their own rules and regs, taxes and charges and levies and fines.

    A mate of mine who was recently elected as a councilor to the Baw Baw Shire is starting to learn how local government really operates and how it has to deal with state and federal govts. He's increasingly of the view that we should dump the state governments and have "super councils", say 4 or 5 of them to cover Victoria.
  16. Agreed - abolishing state government and having larger councils and one federal government would remove and awful lot of red tape and remove the need for a lot of licences and levies collected at a state level. Not to mention the money it would save in state pollie salaries and perks!
  17. I have (Somalia), and it ain't pretty. What one man thinks is too much another thinks is just right or not enough. You can never please everybody.
  18. There are rules for civilised behaviour and then there's the over regulation to save us from ourselves - that's the bit I get a bit uppity about.
  19. we sure as hell aren't the Nation of Rights and Constitutions, that's for sure
  20. Hence the debate Hornet! Sheesh!