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Are we really getting a bargain on Ebay? (Motorbikes)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kimsj0123, May 31, 2007.

  1. Where do you guys normally purchase 2nd bike from?
    I have been looking for a bike through ebay over a month and noticed some of ending bids are ridiculous(a couple of thousands more expensive than redbook private sale value) and the bidders had no previous bidding activities or few bidding histories
    After a few weeks, they relist the bikes and blaming ignorant and stupid bidders. I'm just wondering if we are just getting dirty auction tricks from ebay or not.
    What do you think?

  2. Yes, people create new accounts to bid on their own auctions.

    Or get their friends to bid.

  3. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :p :p
  4. A tactic I know some buyers use when trying to win the auction at the last minute is to setup auto-bid at $1 increments and then set a very high 'what I'm prepared to go to' price.

    That way they beat someone who keeps trying to bid 50c on top of whatever the current winning bid is, at the last minute manually.

    However, if more than one person uses this tactic: you get a very high closing price that they probably aren't prepared to pay - the sale falls through, and it gets relisted.
  5. Personally, I would never trust buying a bike of e-bay unless there was the opportunity to test-ride it before the auction ends. My brother-in-law bought a '86 gpz600 for $600 from ebay, and after about 4 hours working on it it became a great reliable bike (still is, 3 years later).

    As with any sale / auction - simply set the price you are willing to spend on that item and stick to it.

    As for where else to buy bikes... I found that the smaller 2nd hand dealers in the suburbs were the best value. Some bikes I think are overpriced, others I found to be exactly what I was after. My current bike was sold for $1500 below the redbook price at the time simply because they make profit on turning bikes over quickly (i.e. someone sells it to them, and they price it slightly higher so it will sell quickly so they have room for the next bike to come in). You can save by going for a private sale, but I prefer working with dealers because all the legal issues are made much easier / streamlined.

    If you want private, look to the trading post or similar.
  6. Some people create programs called 'bots' that act as a bidder and these programs can bid in the last 10 seconds or less. As mentioned, they bid like 50c to a $1 and a highest bid is set as a variable in the program.. can be very annoying for the general ebayer. :?

    Having said that I saw a bike advertised there that I wanted, so I just called the guy straight away ended up buying it outside of ebay.
  7. usually on big ticket items on Ebay (anything more than a couple of hundred) if you see a bidder with zero or near zero ratings 99% of the time its the seller trying to get a higher price.
    Especially if the item starts off low ie $1

    They also use sniping software which will bid the minimum increment above the winning bid in the last few seconds of the auction to guarantee a win. The problem with this is if theres a few lots of this software bidding on the item its price can rise very quickly at the end and most buyers wont pay it.
  8. redbook values for private sales aren't really that reliable - especially for motorbikes. much smaller market than cars, and a lot less data. yes, ebay prices can be higher than normal (bidding frenzy etc), but if remember that redbook prices can be unreliable, it's not so bad.

  9. Ebay is always a good way to go as long as you do your homework.....same as everything.
    If the item is not as described you don't have to take it
  10. i actualy use ebay as more of a price guide then redbook. cause u can see histories of bikes solld and for how much, unlike any other site
  11. well the problem with ebay is sometimes u buy something that turns out to be F#$KIN sh3t.
    when i bout the ZZR i was told it was 'near' roadworthy
    to date ive repaired/replaced the following and still no roady
    front tyre
    starter solenoid
    x2 batteries
    speedo globe
    ive unstuck the throttle x2
    spark plugs (one was cracked)
    filter oil+air = ROOTED

    i still need to do breakes, chain and sprockets and relocate the starter button koz it was on the fairing and i cant afford 70 bux for a new consol cluster thing

    yes i kno i shuoldntve bid on it without checking but i thought the price was good - 3k for 94 zzr with 31K on in
    turns out the BLOODY odometr isnt working grrr so i got VERY badly ripped off so there is no point selling :cry: