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Are we on the brink of WW3 ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. Is anyone else watching the situation building in N Korea like I am ?

    The new kid on the block has been fed his fathers propaganda since the day he was born, and IMO he is even more unstable than his father was.

    The country as a whole only gets what information the 'Government' wants them to hear.

    Kim Jong-Un does has access to a vast array of weaponry both conventional and not so, and if backed into a corner will have no 2nd thoughts about using them.

    Yeah atm the US are saying they are taking his threats with a grain of salt and watching events unfold.

    The lack of response is both reassuring yet IMO also alarming, are they treating his threats a little more seriously than what we are being told and moving elements into a more defensive / aggressive state?

    Once out of the harbour NO one knows where the US submarines are in the world and the 7th fleet is well within 'strike' range with both cruise missiles and its air arm, and we wont mention the long range B2's etc.

    I'm hoping that this is all going to blow over into nothing and like his father has done in the past, Kim Jong-Un has a good laugh and leaves it at that.

    BUT what if ?

  2. uploadfromtaptalk1364686453198.
    I want to alladeen on his face
  3. Why WW3? Who is going to back North Korea? China won't, they have too much to lose severing ties with the west. Russia will make a lot of noise and stamp their feet but they won't commit to actually fighting. At worst their will be a proxy war in Korea like in the 50s.
  4. In a word...no.
  5. Why do I think it will go beyond a 1950's North / South type of conflict?

    Kim Jon-Un hates everything US, they have bases in Japan as well as others close by, If NK does attack those bases by default he is attacking the Host Country.
    Then it escalates!
    It will come down to who Allies with who.
    Some Middle eastern country's may side with NK ( common enemy )

    The different scenarios are endless, the best of the bad would be a straight north / south conflict.

    The very best would be nothing other than words and a 'mention' in the history books
  6. I wonder if the loved ones of the 1.5 million people who lost their lives thought it was a proxy war?
  7. NK could destroy Seoul with their conventional weapons let alone the nukes.

    Not WWIII but could be very ugly.
  8. Bros, just as it was the case during the "we almost pushed the red button" moments of the Cold War, the USA is also to blame for the current situation.

    Some American/Western contributions to "we almost ended the world" scenarios:

    Stationing ballistic missile in Turkey against the USSR in 1962.

    Conducting Able Archer 83.

    Maybe the deployment of B2 bombers on NK's border during this whole mess will also be added to that list.
  9. My take,The B2.Megabuck bomber invisible to radar and yet the Yanks fly it low enough for pics to be taken.They wanted it seen to up the anti,antagonising that nutjob to me is a dangerous move.No skin of his nose killing a few hundred thousand on either side of the border.Give that nutjob Nucs and long range multi stage rockets is a horror story as well.Ugly all round.
  10. It's the threat and the idea that most of the rest of the world is evil that unifies Nth Korea in an odd way.
    I reckon they'll keep the threats and fear going as long as they can.
  11. China has a real problem here. If war does break out, or just a few missiles thrown both ways, they will be inundated with refugees from NK. They already have an estimated 1 million living in China, mostly illegally. So do they continue to back the regime, and have a nice buffer between democratic South Korea and themselves, or agree to a unified Korea under democratic rule, which will further the push for democratisation of China.

    South Korea also has issues, not really wanting a reunification as it will cost billions and billions to bring the North back to any real standard of living other than poverty.

    The US has before, and will again respond to sabre rattling. If it is ignored, then the dictators become worse and worse.

    Of more interest to me is the long term future of the fascist dictatorship in China. How long will it last before political change? Another generation? And other two generations?
  12. Given the pressure that Chinese industry is seeing from rising wages, I'm not entirely convinced that an increased pool of desperate potential labour is going to be a problem for China.
  13. Calling it a proxy war doesn't imply it was no big deal
  14. I certainly hope I don't get to fly to Seoul Incheon anytime soon. Going there at the best of times, with the Nth Korea border very close by, makes me nervous full stop.
    They fire tracer rounds to aircraft entering their airspace as a warning. Continue flying in their zone and without any further warning, the next set of rounds are destined to bring any craft down, whether a passenger carrying jet airliner or otherwise.
    They are CRAZY...no other word comes to mind....

    I hope nothing comes of the latest actions/threats...
  15. Dennis Rodman failed in his mission to assassinate Kim Jr Jr. Send a Netrider delegation to sort it all out. Team Netrider - fcuk yeah!
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    Last edited: Apr 1, 2013
    NK isn't going to be the cause of WW3.

    If WW3 is going to kick off at any time soon, it will be because of something properly irrational, like the current dispute between Japan and China over the Senkaku Islands, in which the nationalist chest-thumping by both Chinese and Japanese politicans is getting to levels where it will be political suicide to be seen backing down.

    If it does happen, the motivational factors (i.e. the mindsets of the beligerant parties) will be more like those that started WW1. It will require arguents about national pride sufficent to overcome pragmatic acceptance of implied insults and national alliances that will draw the US in.

    NK no longer has this sort of pull on China, but Japan does for the US.
  17. I'm angry ant, send in Team Netrider!