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Are we cutting in on other bikes now?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Owls71, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. Just had a pleasant ride into work. loving the freedom the bike gives me and relaxation that comes with knowing no matter how bad the traffic is, it doesn't really matter to my commute.

    that was until just coming through Neutral Bay about to turn to the bridge.
    I was behind a rather timid P plater and not wanting to intimidate the young fella on his 125 I was keeping my distance, suddenly an overweight chap on his adventure tourer (bought probably to stop his sore back than for any adventure touring") cut down the left side of me (between me and the kerb) and into the gap between me and the P plater.
    He was right on the arse of the young lad and I shouted a "Woooaahh champ"
    he started shouting back something at me and when I pulled up next to him started giving me a right load of shit.
    When I saw the age of the old boy I was pretty shocked. I thought he was going to be some young fella out trying to tear it up around the city but no he was an old guy. I couldn't believe it and told him to calm down and give the young P plater some space. he kept moaning about getting a move on blah blah crossing lanes blah blah too slow blah blah etc etc

    I don't know about you guys but I tend to avoid cutting in on other bikes and certainly if there's a newbie rider on p plates or whatever. don't get me wrong I don't hang about when I'm riding and certainly take full advantage of the filtering rules but to me theres a level of respect that I like to show to other bike riders (especially a P plater)

    any way vent over
    stay safe
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  2. 5,4,3,2,1.........................
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  3. so move over
  4. noobs need to learn to deal with vehicles that may be close to the rear of them. If it isn't that old guy on the bike it will be the next car. I'd give him a serve if he came up on my left between me and the kerb though...
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  5. yeah cheers Tweet. it was a bit full on that.
    agree the noobs need to learn to deal with it (and to be fair on the P plater I don't think he gave one). The noob was doing all right and was looking to see if he could fit down the gap between the lanes.
    it was all very isolated incident around the lights just going on to the bridge turn off but there you go.
    guess I was more surprised by the fact he cut in and then had a go at me? thought that would be the other way round! lol
  6. Yeah, tosser move that. You just need to realize that some pple are way more important than you & have to be somewhere way more importantly than you do. You get it in cars, so why not bikes?
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  7. I don't think anyone was in the wrong (except for the old bloke undertaking). Of course, saying that he could have had a bit of courtesy for the noob. You did the right thing defending him though. Good job.
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  8. While I don't agree with undertaking as I think it is both dangerous and disrespectful, it does pose the question as to why you didn't move over and let him through on your right? Did you see him behind?
  9. we'd just got to the lights and he came whizzing in from no where. I was keen to get passed the P plater and was hoping to filter through but we were in traffic and P plater was trying to filter through as well. this guy must have decided he didn't want to wait behind me and the P plater! don't know
  10. Just as many dickheads riding as driving.
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  11. Grumpy old men can be unpredictable, I have first hand experience.
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  12. guess so.
    cest le vie
  13. Someone wants to get past, don't make it hard but it's their issue, not yours.
  14. Overtaking on your left side isn't real sporting.

    I tend to give L and P platers a fair bit of leeway, but along similar lines to this scenario, if you are filtering and there's a bike that is faster behind you, just pull in and wave them by.
  15. agree with that, and would do that no worries (until I came up behind the P plater I'm not aware that anyone was moving faster than me :)
  16. So basically someone lane split past you, but because you were on a bike and there is more room it is less OK than lane splitting past a car?

    Anyway if you're heading that way I'm on an orange Er6n coming the other way in the morning. Even though you're being a lil precious I'll still give you a nod.
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  17. yeah I guess I'm being a little precious. Just surprised me that he shot through that quick (really don't know where he came from)
    I'll look for the nod :)
    black CBR600
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  18. I had someone do this coming across the Cahill expressway today. My responce, "Game on mother fcuker", I dropped in on him on the on ramp to the ED and we had an epic split duel through the tunnel. He got the better of me when I changed tracks at the wrong point and got stuck behind a difficult gap. Caught back up just in time to give him a toot and a thumbs up thank you on my Dacey Ave off ramp.
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  19. Owls71, I agree with your approach, I give L & P platers some extra grace, fcuk I give nearly everyone a bit of grace. But I do hate other bikes blasting up my left side; recently, seen a bike approaching me from behind, as I started to move slightly to the left side of my lane, I lost sight of him/her, then they blasted past me on the left, could have been messy!
    However, if you are a member of here, you can reverse the roles and post up a thread like this 'Unfriendly encounter with a Harley rider', then score plenty of pity. lol :ROFLMAO:
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  20. Ahh commuting games, one thing I've missed since moving close to town.

    I don't undertake often myself but I don't mind being undertaken if they've given me some room. I notice some riders will hover in view of my left mirror for a second beforehand - it's nice to get a bit of warning before they shoot up the gap (am I right, ladies?).

    That said, I tend not to lecture anyone on the road, and if anyone does it to me they'll be instructed in no uncertain terms to blow it out their arse. Reasonable? Mature? Not in the slightest. But I know when I'm riding like a dick and why. Someone pontificating to me isn't making my day (or theirs) any better, and I'll probably just dial it up a notch just to spite them.
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