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VIC Are Vicpol interested in videos of traffic offences?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by KawasakG, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. I was stopped at a railway crossing red light just now, and this P-plater blows through the red in a turning lane at at least 80kph. I meet him at the next intersection and point to the camera and he's all 'oh look man, i'm sorry!' ... Little bastard needs to know this isn't okay, but I highly doubt the po-po would care. Are they at all interested in such footage or should I not waste my time?

  2. I find it hilarous that there are riders so self-righteous that they would actually think this is a good idea.
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  3. just post it online under the heading watch out for this fcukwit
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  4. Should I go to the police info-graph

    Was anybody injured or incurred financial loss due to the actions of another person?
    | ----------------------------------------------- |
    No -------------------------------------------- Yes
    Don't go to Police ----------------Do you care enough to be bothered?
    ------------------------------------ / -------------------------------------- \
    -----------------------------------No------------------------------------ Yes
    ------------------ Don't go to the police-------------------------- Snitch away
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  5. ..... if you want to get people in trouble become a police officer.

    Keep shit to yourself unless someone gets injured or causes an accident.
  6. The police don't get people in trouble. People get themselves into trouble. The police are just the ones who have to deal with the shyt when it gets messy.

    If jerkwads like this kid don't get stopped early the're likely to end up killing someone, most likely one of their idiot friends but someone on a bike stopped at an intersection is almost as likely. Keeping this to yourself could end up contributing to that because he thinks he can get away with it.
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  7. Haha


    Captian Brown-nose McSnitchy to the rescue. All heil!
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  8. There are ocassions where I deliberatly brake the law on rides,I dont like it but I have limited time to do my thing on good single lane roads with solid lines,I am polite and wave after but if this vigalantly stuff takes off join the dotes.I regularly see really dangous stuff,back in the day,hate that saying,me doing similar would have been seen by a cop and agian join the dots.My guess is its a King Canute agains the tide thing,imposible to stop vids,dont like it but join the dots,gota stip saying that.
  9. My op No mate don't go around dobbing people in for minor traffic shit . One day someone may dob you in for crossing a white line . The cops are not your friend !
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  10. Seriously. The boom gate hadn't evern started coming down. Trains are nowhere near for ages after the gates drop, let alone before.
  11. lets just hope that when this shit decides it's okay to jump a red at an intersection you're not the ones he cleans up.
  12. Idiot, this is an intersection that just happens to have rail through it was well. Trains had nothing to do with it. The lights were red, and the cross traffic bus and 4x4 had already moved off. If that was a biker, he'd be dead right now. Fkn smartarse.

    Cheers to the rest of you, I'll keep the video to myself. Dumb kid can waste his weekend with a knot in his stomach.
  13. @KawasakG@KawasakG Think about it this way mate, if you ride a motorbike you are in the wrong. History has proved this many times, if you send it to the police do you think this will be high up on their priorities? If you put it online sure you can name and shame them, but what if it's the parents car (most likely).

    Unless it's an accident, the authorities really don't care.
  14. Yeah I get that mate. I think it's a shame though, because obviously this kid didn't get spanked enough as a kid. Maybe he doesn't respect the consequences, but as said by Dark Angel, this continued activity will kill someone one day. Hopefully our quick discussion at the next intersection makes him pull his head in; for everyone's sake.
  15. He made a conscience decision to break the law in a safe manner (I say safe meaning no one was hurt, held up, put out in any way).

    I do it, we all do it all the time. Overtaking a slow vehicle on a solid centreline. The person being overtaken probably thinks we're all hell spawn law breakers.

    It's all in context.

    No harm, no foul.
  16. I don't think his weekend would be ruined nor would he really care what you think....

    don't waste police time with trivial bullshit, they won't care (they will pretend to but they won't do any follow up)

    Like mainstage said, you start dobbing people in for minor traffic offenses, one day someone will dob you in for something minor you did and you'll be on the forums whinging about how you're a victim and blah blah blah.

    also i suggest you blur out the blokes numberplate....
  17. [​IMG]
  18. To the OP,
    Look up the definition of a "victimless crime", have a think about the extended meanings deriving from that concept, and then re-examine your reactions to the episode.

    I'll give you a hint about one of the possible conclusions. No foul=play on.
  19. Unless he has affected you or someone you know personally or if he caused a serious accident to others then mind your own business and stop playing dibber dobber.
  20. *stares blankly*

    mate you might get a better reception for this type of stuff over at the Bike me f0rum :]
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