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Are u supposed 2 be able 2 wear jeans under gear?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by free spirit, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone, :)

    I am wondering if I bought my bike pants too small as they are so tight and wearing jeans under them is out of the question if I want to be remotely comfortable. They are a size bigger than what I wear in jeans, (but that doesn't always mean much, as different brands/sizes fit differently). R they snug just because I'm not used to wearing motorcycle gear? How do u cope with the discomfort of it all...do u just get used to it after a few wears?? I hate to think of wearing gear for hours on end, so if I could wear something underneath at least I could consider taking them off when I'm not riding for a few hours (like at a coffee night...or does everyone keep their bike pants on?) Not only does it add unwanted bulk and make me look 10-20 lbs. heavier, I feel like I'm wearing a straightjacket from head to foot!

    Is wearing the bike pants on their own over bare legs the normal thing to do, (but this way I could feel myself sweating-very uncomfortable) or should've I bought them baggy enough to fit over jeans? The salesgirl @ Peter Stevens said they should be snug to give me the best protection. :?

    Thanks for your feedback. :)

  2. what sort of pants are you talking about? Leathers/jeans/textiles?
  3. Under leathers, some guys wear hose... yes they do. Not me though... I wear lycra bikeshorts. :) Can't speak for the girls... never got into a ladies pair of mbike garments yet... in any sense of the word! lol

    Draggins are worn like normal jeans.

    I have a pair of overpants, for wet weather riding - as the name says - usually worn over the top of my draggins.

    I've got two different leather jackets... a big bulky armoured touring winter one to allow a jumper to fit underneath... and my sleeker sportier armoured summer one... with enough room for a tshirt.

    Glad to see you're coming over to the dark side free.

  4. My leather pants are of a snug fit. I wear a pair of leatards under them so that the leathers don't stick to my legs. And now I even wear the leatards under my textile pants out of habit.
  5. Dude, you were looking VERY comfortable in them waterproofs at the Toy Run yesterday :p
    How to go for a ride and go for a swim at the same time? :LOL:
    I've got some thin synthetic trakkie pants that I wear under the leathers. Makes it easy to get in and out of them and helps "wick" the moisture away. Or else I'll carry a light pair of travel pants in my backpack.
  6. I reckon something like this under the leathers would be the go...
  7. Would pantyhose or a leotard really be a good idea?

    Both of those tend to be of the sort of material that melts when heated...like when under friction...like when you fall off.

    Does the leather remove enough of the pull because I'm getting a horrible image of having a patch of nylon imbedded in my leg :shock:
  8. I've seen some of the chaps wearing those under their leathers on ride days. Apparently, they make life a little easier in one-piece leathers.
  9. Being a chick, I reckon you should wear the tightest pants possible! :D

    Seriously though.
    I have textile pants that go over the top of jeans or shorts (for when I get into the office).
    If it's real hot and I am going for a recreational ride (ie won't need to take them off when I get there) then I just wear undies underneath.
  10. When I got home I had to peel those leatards off my legs. They were a little wet from sweating.

    I've heard about this type of material maybe melting to the skin. But having the leathers glued to my legs makes it uncomfortable on the bike and difficult to move around on the bike if need be. Hopefully if I ever do surf the bitumen, whatever gear I am wearing does the job it's intended to do. Or better still, I'll stay on the bike. :)
  11. I got my draggins a size bigger than i needed so I could fit pants underneath. I usually wear black poly pants, aka face off style but I sometimes fit jeans underneath - not the most comfortable thing ever but girls go through waxing right? seriously they arent too bad.
    You could also consider doing what some of the guys here do - wearing the jeans on the OUTSIDE. never tired it myself cos I have tight jeans :p
  12. I don't actually know anyone that wears jeans under leathers... some people wear bike shorts (as previously suggested), some people wear long thermal underwear (in winter).

    Personally I tend to ride in draggin jeans for shorter rides where I'm not going to be on the bike at the other end... less hassle.
  13. Ok can we clarify what exactly you mean by "bike pants"?
    draggins or leathers??
  14. I wear work trousers or jeans under my leather pants. On a really hot day this is just too warm though. I got my leathers pants sized this way as 90% of my riding is commuting and carrying, storing or changing dacks at work is just a hassle

  15. Leather pants....you'd struggle to get jeans under them...something more tight fitting (lycra, cotton, etc ) seem to be pretty common.

    Draggins......why do you want to put jeans under jeans?

    Or Cordura or Synthetic Textile (Over)pants........depending on your choice in sizing you should be able to manage it. You might have better luck with getting jeans underneath if you take out any insulating liner (only really needed for icicle rides,...and scorcher rides :LOL: ). But having some extra space in these pants is pretty common, as is the michelan man look.

    You should ensure that your gear is a comfortable fit (a little wearing in might help slightly). If it is uncomfortable or even painful to wear then you are likely to stop wearing it...then when you are sliding down the road and your pants are in the wardrobe they aren't really doing their job.

    If the pants are uncomfortable and recently purchased you can see if the store you got them off will entertain the idea of exchanging them for the next size up. and its probably worth noting that looking like you have a few extra kgs is better than loosing a few layers of skin/flesh.

    Always try and get something thats a touch longer in the leg than you think it should be and also sit on a bike or imitate the position when you try them on to see how the are going to feel. If you are looking for form over function then expect to pay extra $.
  16. I find I can wear most jeans under my RJAY's pants. (the hardest part is generally getting the bottom over the top of the bike boots.

    My leathers don't have enough room to have jeans on underneath, and given how hot they can get, the little bit of breathing room is appreciated.

    I purchased a pair of draggins at the bikemart shopping night, and pick up the armour this weekend. Glad I had them for the toy-run on Sunday, as it would have been very hot otherwise.

    Penny Stocks To Watch
  17. It's too hot to wear jeans under riding gear.