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are u more of a 'man' if you clutch with 2 fingers?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by fiNkers, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. how does everyone use their clutch here?

    instinctively... like a tiger... i keep using my pointer & index finger to change gears! :biker: "the 2 that this dude is holding up"

    Is this the norm??
  2. I say that if you ride with the two fingers on the clutch all the time like me its just a habit from riding modified two strokes

    You need to get the clutch in double quick when the seize up on you and once the habit is formed you never go back

    I aways ride with two fingers on the the lever dont know if its a extra manly thing more a life perserver
  3. Four fingers for starts.

    Two fingers for shifts.

    One finger for wheelies.
  4. Show off Loz :LOL:
  5. Sounds reasonable, but don't forget, 'the palm of your hand when its so farkin cold your fingers wont work'......(I remember life before heated grips)
  6. Heh yeah Inci that reminds me - four fingers for everything when you're wearing shitty winter gloves and you can't feel a damn thing... :LOL:

    Cheng was stalling her bike like crazy when she first got it, she thought she just couldn't use a clutch etc - then she got some summer gloves and the problem went away in an instant.
  7. Two finger clutching is necessary in offroad riding where you need to maintain control of the bars.
  8. if you are racing through the twisties, who cares if you are using 2 fingers or 4 fingers on the clutch lever.....no ones going to say to you at the end "i seen you using 4 finger for your clutch changes, when I use only one"....r they... :wink: :wink:
    it how fast you can change up and down gears...... :LOL: :LOL:
  9. what about phang'n through gear without using the clutch? can that damage the box?
  10. yes... :cool:
  11. I clutch with no fingers. :p

    Naah.. just kidding.
  12. what's a clutch?

    I drive an auto
  13. What's an auto?

    I 'clutch' so fast it's done before I can think about doing it!
  14. *whistles* scooters......

    ahem..... but yes.. back on my odl dirt bike days was a dfferent story.

  15. Reminds me of a girl I once knew.......... :eek: :-w
  16. ...ohh how I miss two finger clutching :( Try it with a beefed-up BSA clutch in a Grumpy Trumpy - murder on ya hands in traffic!
  17. THAT brings back memories :grin:
  18. for some reason I had always used 4 fingers when I rode offroad however recently I have found myself subconsiously using only two and it is loads better.

    And now I am also going to try the single finger for those all important wheelies :)
  19. Are you more of a man if you clutch what with 2 fingers? :shock: