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VIC Are Tinted/mirrored Windscreens Legal On Bikes?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Booki, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. Hey all, Just got my R6 and it has a cracked tinted windscreen.

    I would imagine a cracked windshield is not going to get me a RWC, so just wondering are tinted/mirror ones legal? RWC passable?

    No point in getting a mirrored/tinted one if it won't get me a rwc.
  2. There is an ADR on screens which stipulates that light transmission has to be greater than 75%. So unlikely an aftermarket tinted screen would meet this.

    Probably better off just removing the screen entirely, since there isn't any requirement to have one. You just can't use a non ADR compliant one (bit like helmet visors really).
  3. ADR rules always make no sense to me.
    So having one that is tinted is not allowed, but having one not at all when one comes standard. is ok?
  4. It's a question I have wondered after seeing the DOT markings on my windscreen yet I've managed to obtain two RWC's with the black screen on the MC22 :S
  5. Yes. Because not having a screen won't obscure your vision, but a completely opaque one might.

    Of course whether not a RW place bothers to check such things is a different matter entirely.
  6. Until they get audited -_-
  7. Mine is totally black, but I didn't need to get rego checks yet (new bike), so can't comment on that. But to me it's just academical, since the entire screen is below my chest level...
  8. The requirement for a Visible Light Transmission of at least 75% (not greater than) refers to safety glass glazing, which is not applicable to motorcycle windscreens which I imagine are made of high-impact acrylic plastic. Refer to ADR 8/00.

  9. Actually it refers to "safety glazing", and specifically mentions it is applicable to materials other than glass (point 8.1.4 and 8.4.1). I'm assuming from the fact you're correcting my use of "greater than" rather than "at least" (even when they mean the same thing in this context) that you read the ADR - so I'm surprised you missed this.

    Oh and it is very much applicable to motorcycles, unless you have one made prior to 1988 (which I do :)):
    Worth noting though that any screen complying with international standards is considered to be compliant with the ADR.

    Pretty sure I couldn't fit a massive touring screen to a cruiser, paint it completely black obscuring all forward visibility, but still get it through a RWC on the basis that it's made of plastic rather than glass.
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  10. Set, game and match! :p
    I tip my bonnet to you, sir.
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    All in the head but I'll have a look.


    8.1.4.Any glazing material other than glass used in a motor vehicle shall be of a kind that does not shatter. (common sense)

    8.4.1.All material used for external or internal vehicle glazing shall have properties at least equivalent to the requirements of one or more of the following: Australian Standard AS 2080 1977 "Safety Glass for Vehicles"; or AS 2080 1983 "Safety Glass for Land Vehicles" up to and including amendment No. 1. Economic Commission for Europe R 43/00 "Uniform Provisions concerning Approval of Safety Glazing and Glazing Materials for Installation on Power Driven Vehicles and their Trailers". British Standards Institution BS AU178:1980 "Road Vehicle Safety Glass". Japanese Industrial Standard JIS R 3211 1979 ; JIS R 3211 1985 "Safety Glasses for Road Vehicles". American National Standard ANSI Z26.1 1980 "Safety Code for Safety Glazing Materials for Glazing Motor Vehicles Operating on Land Highways". New Zealand NZ5443 1987 Other ‘Approved ‘ Standard

  12. Common sense would dictate that sportbike windscreens could be painted with spraypaint and it wouldn't matter because no fully grown human actually looks through them.
  13. Correct Grue.

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  14. I'd have to shrink a foot in height and a meter in girth to even get to the level of able to look through the screen on mine lol...
  15. Yeah but if more people actually had common sense we wouldn't need 90% of the laws we currently have. Unfortunately though there's always that one person who ruins things for everyone by doing something stupid and making people think there should be a law against it.

    I still remember when riding in the back of a ute was legal - until someone decided to drive like a complete cock with a bunch of young kids in the back and killed one of them. Quite possible we only have this rule on light transmission because someone decided tinting the windscreen of their car would look good, even at night.