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Are they gonna install speed cameras?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. Looks like the federal police do not like speedy internet, does that mean they will enforce speed limits and fine those who break the internet speed limit?
    What a bunch of backward fuktards they are

  2. Just reflecting Coalition policy. As they do in all things.
  3. I'm fairly sure I've seen that concern expressed before somewhere. Convenient that it should surface now, just as the Indies are edging towards a decision in which the NBN will likely be a significant factor.
  4. And what has this got to do with coalition policy?

    Bear in mind that the current ALP government has the filter/email storage legislation in its policies. And don't give me the crap about it not getting through the senate, once the greens and independents have a sniff of real power, they're not going to give it up for ideological reasons such as this.

    You could easily argue that the AFP aren't angling for the abolition of the NBN, they are angling for the right to being able to intercept network traffic without requiring the need to go to an individual ISP and present them with the appropriate authorisation. And guess what? The NBN, as a single network entity through which ALL NBN traffic will travel provides just such a mechanism.
  5. I'm indulging in a spot of (light-hearted) conspiracy theorism.

    Your last point (about single network entity) could also easily be seen as a reason why they should be supportive of a NBN, rather than implying that they are against it. They just seem to always lean in a certain way and the timing of many of their actions is, at best, extraordinarily 'convenient'.

    To be fair to them, I don't expect that their statement reflects a serious attempt to influence political outcomes (this time). I think they are angling for more resources from whoever gains power.

    But I certainly thing the AFP has a strong inherent political bias towards the Coalition and have demonstrated it many times. That's only to be expected I guess, and I wouldn't even object to that if only they would declare it openly. Covert support for the other side might be an even more frightening prospect.
  6. Supportive at heart, against on the surface. Point out the problems and hardships then ask for more money/permissions/power.
  7. i saw this story in the herald ( sydney morning that is ) and the commentator made the correct point that this is ridiculous and it's like saying the newer highways out there will encourage criminals to commit dastardly deeds and make quicker getaways because these new shiny roads are there...
  8. Ive said it in a lot of places :p The NBN aint worth the filter. Period.
  9. The Feds do , and always will, want to monitor any and every type of communications medium. The NBN will be no different, if it is ever completely rolled out.
    Do you remember the delay in the implementation of digital cellphones in Australia ?
    The digital cellphone network was not allowed to be turned on until the Feds got the gear to be able to monitor and decrypt the digital cellphone signals.
    All in the name of "crimebusting".
    Have a read of this :