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Are they dreaming?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ampto, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. I've been interested for quite some time in grabbing a '70-'80's era bike to fix up, stripe down and making something nice out of it. But every time i troll along the internet i nearly have a heart attack at some of the prices people want for these era bikes, and i'm talking just junk unrestored rusted carcasses!

    For instance cb750's are getting insane prices, and their smaller cousins are on the rise, even for bucket case ones. Maybe i'm just feeling poor, but there used to be a time where you could pick up junk for nothing and do something with it with the money left over, now it seems you get "well if i could be both restoring it" prices.

    Sign... one day

  2. i am sure the word "Retro" and $$$ to alomost anything these days
  3. Winter is coming, that usually fixes prices.
  4. The same thing happened with 70's cars, they're no longer a poorer man's hobby which is sad.
  5. i think i watch too many shows where those pickers walk into a barn, find some 1920's Indian sitting there and ask the old widowed lady how much, which they then proceed to walk away with a bike for 500 bucks
  6. But remember they walked into a lotta barns before that result
  7. It's happened mainly to the bikes that are being customised by the mainstream, SR500s, CB's, W650's, etc etc etc. There's plenty of custom parts out there to suit, so it's pretty easy to build a 'custom'.

    If you can think outside of the square, you'll pick up a bargain.