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Are these roadworks badly sign-posted??

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by hornet, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. * Shannon Deery
    * From: Herald Sun
    * September 19, 2010 7:49AM
    A HOON P-plater has had his car impounded after being nabbed driving more than 50km/h over the speed limit.

    Stonnington Highway Patrol detected the 20-year-old Knoxfield man travelling at 114km/h in a 60km/h road works zone on the Monash Freeway in Glen Iris last night, theSunday Herald Sun reports.

    Police suspended the man's license for 12 months and impounded his car for 48 hours.

    He was also issued with an infringement notice for not displaying P-plates and driving a high powered vehicle.

    He was fined $1000 and lost 14 demerit points.

    Hours earlier police impounded the car of a 26-year-old female driver after she was picked up driving at 115km/h on the same stretch of road.

    The driver from Berwick also had her car impounded for 48 hours and lost her licence for 12 months.

    A 22-year-old man from Glen Waverley was also caught travelling at 101kph in the 60km/h road works zone.

    He was been issued with an infringement notice and had his licence suspended for six months.

    ??? even allowing for the fact that this was the Monash, 3 people more than 40kph over a roadwork speed limit in such a short period of time is pretty amazing, by any measure....
  2. is the speed limit 100 when there's no roadworks?

    i'd say it's poorly signed, or the roadworks had finished for the day/night and not covered or removed signs.
  3. It's 80 there. The roadworks are performed at night. The police regularly conduct speed inforcement on that stretch when there are road works. There were signs warning of the road works coming for a few weeks, though I haven't seen what the signage was like for the road works.
  4. Yeah I still don't know why that stretch of Monash with speeds reduced to 80kph is called a Freeway....
    It was a freeway when it was 3 lanes wide with emergency lanes on each side. Due to increase traffic, its been redesigned with 4 lanes each way but without emergency lanes the whole way thus the speed reduction.
  5. WHAT!? why take emergency lanes out!?!?!? :-s

    should have turned them into motorcycle / emergency lanes
  6. It is 80 there, but the 80kph limit appears farcical to the masses of commuters. It's a 4-lane "freeway". If the traffic is light you can be sitting on 80 thinking "wtf?!!, there are suburban roads WAY worse than this marked as 80", and as a consequence a great number people do travel that section as if it were a 100/110kph freeway, especially during standard hours.

    Am unsure about the roadworks there at present and why it's 60kph, but from what I've seen of the roadworks on the Monash to date, it all happens behind huge concrete barriers with fences and most of the time when work is meant to be "active", there isn't even anyone there anyway. Once again this feeds into the traveller's psyche that the speed limits are an absolute farce.

    Of course the Victorian Speed Kills Money Machine is there to cash in on the frustrated and confused driving population....
  7. Roadwork speed restrictions in Victoria appear to be for longer distances and lower speeds than necessary. In addition they are often not removed for lengthy periods when the work is finished.

    There is certainly an attitude amongst some agencies that the longer they can keep the roadwork restrictions in place the "safer" things are. I don't believe it's about revenue raising as such. It's about a misconception by some "safety" people that the longer they keep people going slowly and traffic speeds down the safer everyone is.

    Of course they'll never take into account the disruption and frustration caused by these artifically low limits.

    If it was all about revenue then we'd consistently see cameras in those areas and in fact, it's extremely rare to see cameras there. What these bookings are about are opportunistic bookings by cops - not a deliberate fund raising conspiracy. (The conspiracy may exist but in this case I believe it's a misguided safety one, not a money raising one like many of the freeway cameras)
  8. How long is the stretch of roadworks?

    I don't know the stretch of road (being from interstate), but surely doing the posted limit could only take another 2 minutes of your life or thereabouts.

    I know i wouldn't risk 12 months loss of licence, $1000, impounded car, catching public transport for a year.. just to save a few minutes of my time.

    They got what they deserved imo.
  9. phew....glad it wasn't me. I travel through that section a few times every day.

    Most people go faster than the limit there ALL the time.

    The road work speed limits are ridiculously low.

    Very few people can sit on 40km/h on a big, empty, 3 or 4 lane freeway. I know 'cos I see them every day. No one sits on 40km/h. 60 maybe. 40? No way.
  10. so you're OK with the fact that it's a 60km/h road works zone?? :p
  11. +1

    If there aren't any roadworks going on despite the roadwork signs being out, I'll sit in speeding fine territory (0 - 24 kph over), but not actually licence loss territory (25 kph +).

    As Flux points out, when the roadworks occur behind concrete barriers with fences, the matter just becomes farcical.

    This is another reason why car impoundment for 45 kph over can be so incredibly unjust. One can easily miss a roadworks speed sign if there is only one placed on a four lane road (seen it on Hoddle St) instead of a set of 2 plus an additional 2 further down the road. Not to mention other situations in which a car can be impounded, e.g. doing 145 in a 110 zone when overtaking a truck or managing fatigue on an empty road, lifting the front wheel on acceleration, breaking traction in your cage on a roundabout, etc.

    The Baillieu Government will increase these draconian measures if elected to power. Their policy is as follows:

    * immediate 30-day vehicle impoundment for a first hoon offence;
    * up to three months impoundment for a second offence; and
    * forfeiture and crushing of vehicles for a third offence.

    Informal vote next state election, anyone?
  12. How about the 70km/h road works zone on Foreshore Rd at botany? It's been 70 road works or almost two years now, and I haven't seen any sign of work being done within about 20 metres of the road. It's certainly well enforced though.
  13. I don't disagree, I was just pointing out that the original article said nothing about a 40kph limit, but a 60 kph limit

    I've ridden that road a few times on my visits to Victoria, and I'd have to say that road-works or not, most Victorian motorists are going to get booked at some time or other if the complete disregard for speed limits that I always observed, is to be taken as normal :LOL:.

    If you REALLY want to be frustrated by road-work speed limits, try the endless rubbish on the Pacific Highway to the south to Port Maquarie!!!
  14. O.M.F.G. I thought I was the only one raging and going insane inside my helmet.
  15. any time I travel that stretch, I always think about Mr Prosser, the officious council official, in Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy :LOL:
  16. No excuse for speeding in any roadworks zone.
    The roadworkers want to go home alive to their families at night, just like you.
    Too many retard squid riders and car hoons deciding that they are exempt from the law.
    Lawbreakers and speedsters ?
    Crush their cars and bikes. No mercy. Jailtime. Lifetime licence suspension. Huge fines. Bring it on !
  17. Better get a lawyer son, better get a reeeaaall goood oneee..

    dam da da dum dum...

    EDIT: 3/10 hamamatsu. Son, I am disappoint.
  18. see your sig


    never ever anything but.....
  19. not this time. I wonder who hamamatsu works for, or how many kittens he owns.