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Are these legal?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Sinner, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. Almost certainly not, but for a definitive answer you should be asking the vehicle standards guys at your local RTA.
  2. Definately, positively, absolutely, 100%...... NOT.
  3. You'd pay $129.00 to let people know you're a tosser?

    Shit mate, just print a sign out at work and stick it on your back.
  4. That confirms my suspicions of people on late R1's :LOL:
  5. ADR requirements are that the rear indicators be at least 180mm apart, so they fail on that basis really.

    Only in America, where most domestic-built vehicles are sold from the dealership with a flickering brakelight on one side and no amber indicators. :cool:
  6. Not being smart, but why not?

    [edit] Just saw spots post
  7. What can I say, I’ve got money to burn. Don’t be jealous mate, just because you ride a piece of shit, don’t take it out on me. You’re 23 and you ride that…..Please

    Confirms my suspicions of people who ride GSF1250S

    To those you gave a legitimate response to my question, Thank you
  8. You poor thing :LOL:

    But yeah, the offer is still standing. I can even do the paper on yellow A4 if you like?
  9. Anyone know if LED stop lights in general are legal? I've seen them sell the ones which look and function exactly the same as the stock items but supposedly "brighter" because they are LED's.

    I ask because I've also heard they are very directional, so although brighter when viewed directly, they are not very visible when viewed side on (or ever at 45 degrees)?
  10. I wouldn't have thought so.
  11. Suspicions further confirmed :roll:
  12. There are an awful lot of trailer lights and truck tail lights that are LEDs these days, the vast majority of which conform to all the legal requirements, so i don't see why not.

    Just make sure whatever you buy is E marked and you should be OK.

    The main advantages of LEDs are not the brightness, but the effectively infinite life (no unnoticed blown globes leaving you without tail end cover), low current draw (very important at the arse end of a road train, less critical on a modern bike) and the fact that they're not particularly sensitive to input voltage (good on trailers regularly hauled by different vehicles with 12 and 24 Volt electrics).

    Directionality is down to lamp design and should have been addressed on anything with approval markings.
  13. Like many things in this great country, this falls into the idiotic 'it's legal to import this and sell it, but it's illegal to use it' category. Like mini-bikes, and many weapons. Successive governments at all levels seem to have neither the wit nor the will to bring import laws into line with useage laws.
  14. "track use only"

    but you'll have to tape over them with some ride day oganisers.
  15. how would the police know if its illegal or not? ... they not gonna measure it .. or does it get checked when you renew rego?
  16. Eh? That's the way it should be. Just because an item is not fit for a particular legal purpose does not necessarily mean that it's not useful at all.

    You could still use the tail-light from the OP, so long as you also used ADR compliant rear indicators with it. On its own it then makes for an after-market rear brake light alternative. You can still use it, just not remove/disable your rear indicators as well.

    Never picked you for the "if it's not explicitly allowed, then it must be specifically banned" crowd hornet.

    As for LED rear brake lights, they're definitely legal.

    Police can and do measure it during a road-side stop, and they will defect your vehicle over it. Seen it happen (no, not to me).
  17. What Flux said.
  18. I've seen a few cars with them. The Land Rover (from memory) has the stop and indicator arrary incoroporated together.

    Also HWY patrol cops tend to know the ADR details a little better than ordinary cops. So yes they'd probably pull you over on suspicion, even if they were not sure and send you a defect in the mail.
  19. LED's are absolutely legal, and are fast becoming the new lights on newly released vehicles.

    LED's offer much much more than your conventional globes ever did:

    - Longer life (on average 5-10 years)
    - Strength (hit them with a hammer and you'll see what I'm talking about (without smashing the shit out of it of course))
    - The ability to confine them to small spaces due to not needing to replace globes on a regular basis
    - Easy to install setup