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Are these inserts any good?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by munecito, Jan 17, 2007.


    The do the antifogging thing and also the auto darkening when in sun light.

    Have anybody tried them?? Currently looking for an antifogging solution and if it does the tinting it will be a bonus.

  2. I've tried a couple of anti-fog solution, fogcity anti-fog inserts, catcrap, masks etc, personally the best solution for me is catcrap and also leave a bit of gap open when riding in low speed.
  3. Don't expect the auto-tinting to work. It relies on UV like auto-tinting sunglasses. Most visors these days filter UV out, so the UV never gets to the tinting layer, and therefore the insert never darkens.

    I researched this when buying sunglasses to wear under my helmet. I ended up saving money and just getting polarising sunglasses.

    Of course, check your visor. It may not filter UV if it came with a cheap helmet.
  4. I don't know about the Pro Grip version but the FogCity one does work. I've had one on my Genuine Arai clear visor for a couple of years now and it still works as good as new.
  5. For the fogging on the inside of the visor, I got a little jar of "catcrap" cream....................no seriously.............and it works for a little while until you just re-apply to inside of visor!
  6. Thank you guys. At the moment I carry my two visors everyday but it is annoying to be changing them over and whenever they can fog they just do. LOL.

    I will have a look at that catpoo thing and to the inserts.

  7. I was given a bottle of Fogtech to try.

    I didn't have much success with it.


    Having said that, I think I have the worlds most foggable visor.

    There is nothing out there that can stop this sucker from fogging up at all.

    Typically, a coating of dishwashing liquid is excellent for a few days, this visor, a few minutes and the sucker fogs up.

    I've resigned to the fact that it's a piece of shit.

    The lid is nice & quiet, but bugger me the visor is rubbish.

    I'll swap back to my old lid in winter and try the fogtech again.
  8. Gulp! :shock: Your a braver man than I, wearing polarising sunglasses on the bike.
  9. Why is that Jason? If the visor was polarising, it would be dangerous, as two polarising lens at right angles block out all light. Black spots in your field of vision would be bad. However, my visor isn't polarising, so that doesn't happen.

    Polarising glasses (okay, they are plastic) cut out the glare off the road, and I don't find they cut down vision at all, for me anyway.
  10. I had one of these or the fog city version to be exact and I found it was not very good. Its much smaller than your visor so that just sucks as it closed in my vision to a more narrow angle - terrible.

    I use a tinted visor all the time now. If you have to ride at night then you can get a set of the yellow lense night glasses and they counter the tint. For fogging try getting some welding goggle cleaner - it wont fog then.
  11. Hey Vic,
    What helmet do you have?

  12. +1 on the polarising sunglasses. I get better vision at day and 'darker' light situations (such as early morning). I was told by a friend how good theirs were so I bought some. When heading to work early morning last week (it was I'd say medium dark), I put the sunglasses on and my vision cleared somewhat and I could see better so to speak. Definitely much improvement than normal sunglasses :)
  13. I have some sort of coating on my visor, and also wear polaroid prescription sunglasses. The only effect I've noticed is that white cars appear in a cute shade of pink in some lights, and slick tar sections are highlighted against rougher mix surfaces. But I can't imagine that it's dangerous....