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Are there posers amongst us??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TWARBI, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. Today i was at Coogee having a bite to eat outside a well known hotel when i noticed a guy in a singlet and boardies chatting on his mobile next to his Gixxer. Nothing strange about that you say? Well apart from being grosssly underdressed, i noticed that he then decided to start it up and give a few (loud) spurts and then literally moved it 10 metres away and parked up again. He then proceeded to go into a shop and came out started up the bike again got out of there at a rate of knots. By this time i was on the move and noticed the same guy fang past me go around a roundabout and go right back again - and then did it once more for good measure!!

    This dude either just got his bike and REALLY wanted people to notice (which he duly accomplished) or he just moved to the east and has no idea where he should go for a ride to blow the cobwebs out.

    I thing the former...

    The question to my fellow netriders is; "Are any of YOU guilty of the unashamed poser ride?"
  2. I think you'll find that Coogee has about four times the national average of posers, so I'm not the least bit surprised.....
  3. Haven't lived in Sydney long? That's what half the population do..........

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. You would've loved the showpony we saw yesterday outside Road Warriors. The same guy went past us 5 times doing wheelies, stoppies and even standing up on his seat!! :jerk: :jerk:
  5. True, but at least he wasn't squidding!
  6. maybe his seat was hot from being in the sun??

  7. So what is wrong with the smell of boiling vaseline?
  8. :LOL:

    btw...the world is full of tossers.
    dont think they only hang around the eastern burbs of Sydney
  9. Wankers everywhere.

    Side note, Nel I talked with a guy today who has a VT750 and absolutely LOVES it. There seems to be quite a few on the roads so I guess he could be right.
  10. im a happy boy. the more i get to know 'Marcelle' the more i love her.
  11. Coogee??...sounds like Southbank! :bolt:
    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  12. Any chance I get. :grin:
  13. TWARBI I work in the area, and I have seen a fellow on a GSXr K6 I think with extened swing arm and turbo setup. He rides around just the same as that!
  14. I'm a poser in trackie-dacks :p
  15. There is nothing wrong with posing ... I do it all the time ... not to say that I am a squid or anything though ... not fully anyway.
    I mean I love cleaning the bike ... although I didn't get a chance since saturdays ride, and I love the straights but not the corners so much ... I am still getting to know my bike though.
  16. *snip!*
  17. ... But I bet there is a good portion of the general public who see posers just because someone hop on a motorcycle
  18. Blue and white? send him my regards if he can pull himself away from his mirror!

    Interesting list of bikes youve had mate - hows the '07 going?
  19. i dont go riding around in shorts and a singlet, i do love to cruse through nulla or down the natio after just cleaning my bike and in my new leath 2pc suit all nice and clean. :grin:

    but i dont go doing laps and reving the tits off it.
  20. Guilty as charged. I don't go around being a d!ckhead but I don't mind going for a cruise thru the city just to check out some of the local talent in the area.