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Are there motorcycle clubs for younger people?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by banditbob, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. I've done a fair bit of looking into the various clubs throughout aus, and the majority seem to be comprised of older, more experienced riders.

    Was wondering if there were any clubs for younger guys in the brisbane area.

    If not, and your interested in forming a club with me...lemme kno and we'll try and build on numbers. I've got a few mates who r interested so thats a start anyway.

  2. Checkout netrider.net.au :p
  3. +1 to this.

    Some of the melbourne guys and gals meet outside the traditonal coffee meets for younger type pursuits, but some of us "old" people like doof doof music too!

    Feedback is mixed!
  4. Nah stay away from Netrider, it's full of weirdos :LOL:.

  5. hey i resemble that
  6. About a year ago there was a 250 forum going in the Brisbane area, mostly new riders obviously.
    Forget what it was called though (and would be deleted anyway), not even sure it still exists (new riders become experienced riders and might have moved on).

    The CBR250 forum is also 90% new riders, not sure how popular the 250's are in QLD though due to Q-Ride.

    There are a lot here, its one of the first people find because it is setup properly for google and stuff.

    Why not post a ride and see who turns up? Might be a whole lot looking for that :)
  7. hey banditbob im a younger guy interested in joining / forming some sort of group 4 rides in and around brissy area. im a younger guy so would be interesed in joining if you get something going.. 20 yr old male rider here, gsxr600
  8. hey, im new to riding so would be keen on some group rides etc in and around Brisbane. 20 male GS500F
  9. 24, lives in Perth, enjoys romantic walks along the beach at sunset. Seeking like minded girl for casual relationship.
  10. Banditbob, fill in your profile.
  11. Found a perfect match for you !



    She'll even let you go on rides and go to the pub without whinging and nagging :grin:
  12. woohoo. another doof fan. let's go out some time matti-san and embarrass on the young'uns on the dance floor :LOL:
  13. Count me in for that as well .... 26 western subs of bris, 2000 ER-5 ... although prob leaning towards the older end of the younger gen riders, just getting tiired of waiting for all the "gunner's" i know to get off their buts and buy their own set of 2 wheels and get out on the road
  14. The young ones forget that doof doof music has been around for a long time! Hey my dad used to say that about rock and roll :shock:
  15. ahhhh hahahahahahahahah
    good one mate. \:D/ :applause:
    I'm so putting her on the passenger seat and going for a spin through the city. :bannanabutt:

  16. Sorry but at 26 you failed the first criteria..... :roll:
  17. Be careful old man. :mad: :p

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. which state are you in?
  19. Qld..thats were brisbane is :?

    Surpised at the number of people interested... good stuff :cool:

    I'll keep a record of ur usernames...and get in touch once I get my bike :p

    But if you fellas wanna get a club toge4...by all means go for it!
    Whether its a weekly coffee meet, clubs, or just going for a ride once a fortnite...
  20. :LOL: :LOL: +1.