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Are there any Women Stunt Riders?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Chef, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. I asked this question to someone in the know the other day. They told me there isn't any. I've seen some footage of girls flipping dirtbikes, so it's left me wondering.
    Surely there must be some chix doing tricks out there.
    You guys know stuff, so I'm putting the question to you.

    Cheers Scheff

  2. theres a group of female riders who stunt in NSW. I was reading about it in RAPID magazine. They are definately out there. They went to that stunt skills weekend, I think it was in QLD or NSW. Good luck in youre quest, i'll be watching this space too...
  3. there's a video somewhere on this forum from youtube with a trick ridin girl
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  5. to name a few that can do wheelies... roadrashchic, redline laura, jixxerbeau, monica (stunt pet)
  6. How about tank tricks, circle wheelies, stoppies....
    ...even a decent burnout or two?

    I've searched, but I'm only turning up chicks on OS forums. I need to join to check em out. Maybe when I've got time.

    Thanks N.A.M. I'll check them out.
  7. redline laura was probably the most advanced. 12s and what not. she stopped riding a few years ago though. i think the redline team had some issues and disbanded for a while.

    roadrashchic is more of a glamour stunter but she's got tricks.

    do you have any idea how hard circles are? :oops: :cry: i've seen heaps of girls do stoppies and burnouts.

    beau and monica are aussie girls. i think danigxsr rides with beau. they mainly concentrate on acrobatics/stoppies - but beau can do some decent power wheelies in first. they're all on local forums like www.ozstuntbikes.com

    also i forgot there are a few girls in melbourne that were learning wheelies and doing well too.
  8. Shame about Laura, if she was the most advanced and gave it up.
    Most of the girls that pop up in searches are two up chix, but that's kinda like a magicians assistant calling themselves a magician.

    I've heard they're the at the top of the hard list, i imagine coasters would be up there too.
    And then you get Pfieffer who does both. Legend.

    Thanks for the mail. I'll go looking.

    Cheers Scheff
  9. newsflash - people are also doing coaster circles :shock:
  10. Isn't that how Pfieffer does his no-hands circle wheelies?
  11. Almost certainly be done with the idle set high and using the rear brake to control.
  12. Nah, im under the understanding that he (like most other guys) just has his idle wound out for those. I used to ride with the bike in 2nd at about 5000rpm (250 spada) and was able to do tight circles (not on one wheel!), no hands, scraping exhaust past the tyre tread with a throttle locker... I stood one foot on the side of the seat, the other on the crankcase, with my left hand on the left bar, the right hand pooping up the middle finger in the air... leaving nive big sparks behind. I dropped that bike som many times....
  13. coasters are when you are just behind balance point and you pull the clutch in. so the bike is freewheeling and maintaining balance - like on a push bike. you use the rear brake lightly and a lot of body weight shift to keep it at coaster point. troy is rolling about 150 meters. i have seen a 1500ft coaster. that was sick. rev limiter coasters add style points but i've heard of many of them going bad when the clutch lever slips or the cable snaps. tipping a coaster into a circle is just another realm of difficulty.
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    Yeah, makes sense now he's not coasting. He's good...but that'd be alien.
    Still, looks magic when he does it, and the still pics are surreal.
    For the first time I came across him having a prang.
    It doesn't stop his off-sider from turning it into a stunt though. :LOL:
    If you haven't seen it, check it out.


    nice2Bnaked, sparks are good, we need more sparks!
  15. a guy i used to be in a band with had a sister who was a stunter.

    can't remember her name though
  16. I ride like a girl, does that count :grin:
  17. Mate, you also need to dress like a girl, and do stunts. But you're on your way. :LOL:
  18. so who is this in the know person? :?:
  19. edit. actually i've changed my mind, the community's pretty tight.
    It's their opinion, they can say it themselves if they like.

  20. well so long as they owe ya a beer now that the argument is settled :wink: