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Are there any laws against moving a motorcycle? [nsw]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bullhead, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    Long time reader first time poster...

    I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any specific laws against moving a motorcycle without the owners consent?

    I recently had mine moved by a bin company which is annoying, but they also damaged it during the process so I want to get them to pay for it.

    Any info that might help me would be great.
  2. Re: Are there any laws against moving a motorcycle?

    I'm guessing that would be fairly hard to prove. Did they leave a note? Do you have witnesses?
    I wouldn't care if someone moved my bike if it was obstructing, as long as they didn't damage it.
  3. Re: Are there any laws against moving a motorcycle?

    Your avenue is a civil one. Whilst there may be some law that could be applied, finding evidence and an cop that could be bothered will be difficult. Also even if successful, it doesn't get you your money.

    Compile your evidence and send a letter of demand to the bin company. If you have any more than a hunch they did it, then there's a fair chance you will get your money. They know there drivers don't have the right to damage a vehicle to access a bin.

    A word of warning, however. Think about who owns garbage disposal companies.
  4. Re: Are there any laws against moving a motorcycle?


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  5. Re: Are there any laws against moving a motorcycle?

    Would be the same laws as applied to moving your car with out your consent,
    Attempted theft springs to mind, If caught in the act.
  6. Re: Are there any laws against moving a motorcycle?

    I will lock this thread until the poster pm's me with the state he is posting from.
    IT may be a relevance in terms of footpath parking etc.
  7. thread reinstated
  8. I would have thought it is theft after all what is the difference in moving a bike 1m and deciding to drive a car 1km because you couldn't be bothered to walk? Where's the line?

    Getting a cop to arrest them might be a different story.

    I would get a quote and send them a letter of demand for the damage.
  9. Was the bike legally parked?
    and if on private property, was the bike obstructing the bin?
  10. It's not theft, there was no intent to steal.

    I'd be looking at:

    (i) Criminal damage; (police)
    (ii) Trespass to goods (civil matter).

    I'd write to the company involved (if you are 110% sure who it was) and politely DEMAND the name of thier insurer, OR the money for damages within 7 days.
  11. OP, needs to address some fundamentals in this thread.

    sketch up how you were parked.

    what was the damage?

    were you previously asked about parking in this spot?
  12. Try looking for the term is "interference with a motor vehicle" and see what it covers.