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Are there ANY good doctors out there...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by peeahh, May 27, 2008.

  1. ...that take more than 5 minutes to actually CARE about what's wrong?

    After many, many, many trips to the doctors every couple of months, I'm a bit over being brushed off after one or two tests with a shrug of the shoulders.

    So I figured out of the many, many members on here, SOMEONE has to know a good doctor.

    I've tried three different doctors over the last year or two, both bulk billing and not, and have had the same 'don't give a rats, just want your money' attitude.

    I'd prefer female, but not OVERLY fussed as long as they actually give a crap.

    I'd prefer close to home/work (Mitcham/Mulgrave), but again, as long they actually care....

    Has anyone got a doctor that they would more than happily recommend? That have recommended to others and THEY'D recommend?
  2. I would be extremely happy to recommend mine (Dr Bay at Brunswick Medical Centre) but last I heard the practice was not taking on any new patients because they were so busy. Not even from locals.
  3. I assume you are after a GP?

    I have a friend in Perth whose wife couldn't find a decent doctor that would give her the time of day, and she had some fairly serious issues that really needed someone to just 'listen' to her and give her something other than a 5 minute rush out the door, here's a script for a cream, thanks for stopping by.

    Both of them fly to Melbourne quite frequently so I hooked her up with a good GP out here, and after the multitude of doctors she had seen and been fed up with, she was really very happy with him.

    Happy to recommend him to you, but bear in mind he's male, and is located in Hawthorn area
  4. I know what you mean peeahh, it's so hard to find a Dr that doesn't treat you like a number. I'm still looking around :(
  5. My Doc always spends at least 20 min with me, AND he bulk BILLS !
    I just don't like the way he keeps insisting I join his organ donor program :?

  6. If he gives a rats, i'm happy to travel :)
  7. I have the same issue trying to find a decent doctor.

    I've had chronic back issues, and so far no one has bothered to look into it very far to find the trigger. They usually just loose interest after their limited knowledge has no answers. Very frustrating. The result has been much pain for me. And many doctors...

    Taking pain killers or anti inflammatorys is not a diagnosis nor is it a solution.
  8. Out here in the sticks, we have a new "super clinic" that has opened recently. There are a number of different types of doctors, and they all work in conjunction with one another. Maybe see if you can find a community health centre in your area that has a similar setup.

    My mum has suffered from numerous ailments over the years,
    and no-one could pinpoint the underlying cause. Recently I recieved an email about artificail sweetners, something of which my Mum has used for many years.
    After reading about all the possible side effects, she has cut out all artificial sweetners in her diet, and whattayaknow... like magic, her symptoms have dissappeared.

    Phenylalanine is bad!!!!
  9. Please check your private messages
  10. Will PM you details :)

    FWIW, my father is an ex Melb doctor and I often use his personal knowledge of colleagues for recommendations :) Anyway this one I mentioned made my friends very happy and they had exactly the same issues you mentioned.
  11. Any good doctors

    Most GPs operate on 6-8 minute appointment slots - which is why you keep feeling not heard - OK for a sore throat but way too short for anything complex. So it won't matter how many you go to - unless you specifically ask for an extended appointment when you ring up to book. Get an extended appointment and then at least that takes the time factor out of it but won't make a difference to the personality of the GP. If it still doesn't work vote with your feet and go somewhere else and ask for another extended appoinment.
    There are heaps of good GPs out there - its just amatter of finding them
    Good luck
  12. When looking for a good GP you should look for the following letters...

    RACGP = Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. :)

    I rarely see a doctor but when I do my Preference is Dr. Lesley Seow at Manningham General Practice.

    200 High Street
    Lower Templestowe 3107
    Victoria Australia
    Tel (03) 88 500 50

    Edit: Yes, Lesley if female. :)
  13. Pia, have you tried Valewood clinic in Mulgrave? They have a few really good doctors there, 1 in particular. They don't bulk bill but it's definately worth the trip to Medicare to get your rebate. Gimme a call or PM me if you want his details.
  14. Read Azi's PM Pia.
  15. Yeah I have. Chick from work (naturegirl on here) went there and actually got some answers. I booked, and asked for her exact doctor. Got there, and they'd put me in with another chick :roll:

    Same old story with her unforunately. :(

    Thanks Smee, I have :)

    Thanks everyone, it's appreciated :)
  16. In that case you need to make a specific booking to see Dr Peter Lackner. There was an awesome female doctor there a few months back but she was only there for 6 months and then she moved out to a practise in Warburton. Story is that she is coming back to Valewood in the near future due to the high demand of her return. Maybe this is the doctor who naturegirl saw.
  17. Totally. I work for the RACGP assisting with the testing of these doctors and I can tell you they go through some hard testing to get the accreditation. And it costs them a lot of money for that little RACGP title.
    Always look for RACGP in a GP's title. It at least means they have had some formal training on australian shores too.