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are there any good bikes left? winge!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by doop, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. i sold my gixxer at the beginning of summer. bad mistake :(
    i must have seen at least 10 carefully picked bikes and travelled all over melbourne in the last few weeks to find that every bike that ive seen has been either dropped, crashed and repaired or had some other major reason for not selling.

    maybe after all the seasonal bike buying over the last couple of months this is all thats left? maybe im not spending enough to get something nice at 8k? im starting to get a little ticked off as i read the adds and ask over the phone if the bike has any problems and the seller is like no.. no.. its perfect and immaculate and lovely ect. to get there and have nothing to say as im holding in my disappointment.

    i now think that "tyre kickers" are perhaps just being nice by staying quiet while they stare blankly at the money hole infront of them. and i feel sorry for new buyers that would actually part with their money for these bikes not having known better. pre purchase inspection, pre purchase inspection, pre purchase inspection! the buying guide on NR is also a v good place to start.

    Immaculate is not dropped, not running properly or making irregular engine noises!!

    for now ive given up for a bit until some new bikes become available. if anyone having read the above is selling a genuin 600cc to 900cc with low kms for around 8k and after a quick sale pls let me know.
  2. Re: are there any non damaged bikes for sale anymore? winge!

    theres your problem right there.
  3. ... and I think assuming a bike is a money pit because it fell over in the garage is a little harsh? There's a difference between 'dropped' and 'crashed' and 'wrecked', and with a little practise you can tell these states apart.
  4. I paid 9k for an 06 650 with <3000km on it (orc included). I know it's a grand more than your buget but the gems are there. :)
    The previous bike was a bargin too but I had to travel to Bendigo for that. The seller was genuinely insulted by my on phone qns about the condition of the bike so I couldn't resist going to see if it was true. :wink: Happy to say he was telling the truth. :grin:

    The thing is, it's hard to buy a bike after you've already sold your ride cause you get the bug and want to hit the road. Unfortunately, you need to be ultra patient and find the bikes you love. Then be at all times ready to wander out the door if you're not satisfied with the price. Sometimes they'll let you walk and that's fair, but most times they'll drop the price to sell you the bike. Usually they've asked higher than they expect to get anyway or the dealer would rather sell than send business elswhere, but at the end of the day if they offer a price you're happy with then everyone gets a good deal. :grin: If your budet is 8k, then look at bikes up to 9- 9.5k and hang in there. :)
  5. thanks guys,

    nothing wrong with an 8k dropped bike eh :). if the fairings haven’t been cracked. its just owners that say that its never been dropped then you find that it has grind marks on the front forks and non standard colors that gets me. or there was another one that was described as immaculate with a new engine rebuild that had a huge flat spot and the fairings were tapped together!

    there really are some shifty sellers out there. if an owner was up front with me and told me exactly what happened and where some light scratches came from i would be reasonably comfortable with the purchase. some damage could also help with talking down on price and getting a better deal.

    they do it to themselves really because half of a sale i think is wether or not you trust the person. at least if you have seen all the bad ones you might b quicker to find the good.
  6. Barter

    Never pay what the seller is asking

    even in a dealer showroom there is a margin

    nothing is worth anything

    IF the seller

    cant sell it
  7. Seems next time the thing to do is buy the new bike before selling the old.

    That way you won't feel impatient about getting back on a bike and can take your time finding a good deal! :)
  8. i hear Hornet600 will have a nice bike to sell soon.....

    seriously, yes the bargains are out there buy you need to be patient.

    I got my hornbag at a VERY cheap price with 26,000km's on it. and it hadn't been dropped.

    you just need to wait for the right bike to come along.
  9. i think also you just out of a certain range... if you could save up another 2k (if its possible or if you can wait) itll open your options up so much more.
  10. I always allow at least 3 months to find a bike/car.My present car I was looking for 8 months,virtually everyday on tradingpost online.Last 2 bikes bought,I found for people,1 for Carri27,1 for a mate who arrives from O.S. tommorow,were both 3-4 month searches,and both were bargains. \:D/
    They are out there,you just got to be REALLY patient dude.I have been looking for another low k Bandit 1200 for myself,for the last 6months :evil: and yes its frustrating when theres nought but pollished terds out there with people saying"its immaculate" :jerk:
  11. a dropped bike doesn't really bug me that much actually - I got my XV250 1994 for $3000 and when I saw it I knew it's been through alot. underneath the bike theres a dent in the chrome pipes aswell as on the side - the tip of the chrome muffler is scratched and tiny rust particles and slight dents. foot beg rests a tiny scratched. so it's been dropped... a few times.... some hard some soft.... but the main thing why I bought was that - it's cosmetic damage and the engine is close to perfect. starts up fine - idles fine, clutch and throttle is very responsive etc, could almost say it's as good as my friends new Virago! (it actually Idles better - his 2004 engine stalls alot .......... )

    ohhh... and I gotta fix the brakepads... it's really worn....

    but for $3000 grand - I'm really happy! I think I got a pretty good deal!

    I'm working on fixing the cosmetics now - a little bit here and there - still a good bargin :)
  12. If you can manage the finances, buy your next bike during the winter, and sell your old bike during the summer.
  13. You haven't said what sort of 600 you're after? There are a number of 600's BRAND NEW that can be had for your budget. Or are you after another sports bike like the GSXR?
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  15. Shameless Bump, you should all be keen at that price :D

  16. [​IMG]

    Me no seey the pricey!
  17. -Excellent Condition
    -Brand New Rear Tyre
    -Recent Major Service so running like new
    -Never a problem with the bike
    -Had for about a year
    -D&D after market pipe, just the cannon, on their website claims 20% power at the engine gain. I could feel the difference
    -K&N Hi-Flow Air Filter
    -I have never let it touch the ground, i think the previous owner had dropped it once but i can't see any damage
    -Great Bike, Regretful Sale
    -No Joy Riders/Time Wasters



    Contact Hairysk8er at http://www.overclockers.com.au/mc/
  18. thanks to all who replied. i finally found my dream bike today.. an 01 zx7r with 3100kms on it! even fits my height as well or better than the gixxer. paid a bit more for it than id hoped but hey :) very happy. happy riding all :)