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Are there any big 250's out there???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Noticibly F.A.T, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. I'm chasing a first bike. I'm 6ft 2, and 120 kgs.
    Still on my L's, so needs to be a 250.

    Is there anything out there that i won't dwarf?

    I want a sports bike. I am looking at getting an across 250, cause it has the storage space. But if i don't fit on one then i dunno what to get. I tried a zzr the other day, and its waaaay too small.

    Are there any big 250 sports bikes out there?
  2. Hornet - note it has 180 section rear tyre

    Hyojunk gt250 is a full size framed bike, but.....it's a Hyo

    new CB250F?? I think is also a full size frame
  3. There are some 500's you can get as well....

    I think there is a dualsport Kawasaki KLE500?? I'm pretty sure thats LAMS approved and a nice big bike
  4. LAMS isn't coming in till mid next year for us victorians :(
  5. Suzuki Bandit (GSF250 and GSF250V). It's literally a Bandit 400 just with smaller pistons so is about as big as a 250 gets. Also a very good first bike.
  6. You are looking in the right direction, both the ZZR250 and Across are both good for taller people.
  7. Well if you'd filled out your profile and your location, we would only give you advice that applies ;)

    Maybe a hyosung, same frame as the 650, but with the 250 engine.
  8. the hyo is the biggest 250 ive seen and the sportiest looking but ... hyosung never heard a good thing about them, except the price
  9. Mate you will be most comfy on a ZZR250, believe me i know.

    Only other option is the Hyosung..

    Or look at the cruisers ..
  10. I sat on a ZZR the other day and i dwarfed it.... Or maybe it was an FZR.... i can't remember.... :( Something ZR.... :(

    Anyways it was fkn small. Like midget small....

    I been thinkin about a hyo, since they are pretty cheap, and fairly big. BUT, whats all this bad talk about them?

    How do you reckon i will go fitting on an across?
  11. mate the across is pretty miniture. look tbh its either gonna be a hyo or looking like michael jordon riding a peewee 50.
    the only other thing if you want to go down that path is a dual sport, like a klx,xr,wrf, drz 250, and you would need to fit dual sport tyres. power is considerably down compared to the sports 250s, but they still have much more usuable torque around town. and they are much taller than a 250 sports.
  12. Hyosung 250 is not such a bad option especially if you get one of the more recent ones.Have a bit of a read around here, as there's a number of threads about Hyos... and make up your own mind. It seems that most people are quite happy with their Hyosungs 250s, it's the bigger ones that seem more iffy. Personally, I wouldn't get Hyo 650cc as my 'for keeps' bike, but the 250cc as your first bike makes some sense, especially if you're having trouble fitting on the others.

    But, as idontlikemondays posted above, consider a dual sport like a klx250... you can change the tyres for that motard look, or better yet, rather than trying to turn it into a sport bike that it isn't meant to be, just enjoy it for what it is. You lose some speed but gain the ability to jump kerbs and go places you wouldn't go on a sport bike.
  13. Might be a similar sized frame but far from being the same frame - the most obvious difference being the 650 doesn't have any framework below the engine.
  14. Have a sit on a GT250R I think you will find it suitable for your size.

    I have 3000kms on mine now and very, very happy with it. I advise you to "filter" a lot of the comments you hear/read towards Hyosung bikes, try to base your opinion from the comments of journalists and owners, not anonymous forum posts.

    My thoughts on the bike:

    - nice size, I like riding something similar to the weight of a 600cc sportsbike which will be my next bike
    - nice riding position, it will be easier to transition to a 600cc sportsbike from this, had a few sore muscles and noticed weaknesses initially, my body has now adapted
    - with Megacycle pipe it sounds fantastic, not "fantastic for a 250", just great!
    - in yellow it is very, very easy to see, after this I will never buy a black bike
    - very economical, even with spirited riding I get around 3.3l/100km and comfortably get 400km to a tank
    - battery quit after six weeks, was replaced with a new one
    - 7,500rpm at 110ish on freeway it is quite smooth
    - still needs to be revved to get "performance" at times, 7k+ is best
  15. I agree because those jerno's who have a bike specificly put togeher for them, and only ride it for a day or two see all of the quality issues.
    And not all of the opinions here are from heresay, only the negative ones. I mean we don't have a single hyo rider who will say my bike has caused me problems...
    Not one...
    BZZZZTTT ooops my Sarcasm Filter just overloaded...
  16. Hyo might jsut be the best option.

    Im 6'2" and about 75kg and i look like a giraffe folded up on my across. but sadly the across and the ZZR are the bigger of the jap 250 sports. zzr had a bit more upright seating possy than the across but i liked suzi for the looks/power/practicality
  17. me I'm 6'2" and 95 ahem kilos! I sat on a ton of bikes and rode a few, the GT250 Hyo naked is the way to go IMO. I love mine a lot and am sad to sell as I am upgrading to a dirt bike.

    Oh yeah a dirt bike with motard wheels would haul your big bum around. Very comfy and easy to learn on, of course I do have a bike for sale. :wink:
  18. I jumped on a GPX250 today. Virgin road ride since i got my license!!! :)

    Went well. Although it looked small, and prolly looked really funny with me on it, it was comfortable :) I didn't think it was too small at all. :)
  19. This is the key who cares what it looks like, as long as it fealt right.
    looks like you just found your 250.
  20. :D